898 Steaks and Grill , Bangalore : Restaurant Review

You know you really like a place if you have been there four times in 3 months 😀

898 Steaks and Grill is one of the places I will definitely want to come back to whenever I come to Bangalore, it’s the best place to go to if you are in the mood to , relax , have amazing food , to chill really. ( It also has swings as chairs which has already given it +10 points in my book 😛 )

898 Steaks and Grill has a great rooftop ambience ( Which looks even better at night )  , friendly staff , and a vast menu and pocket friendly prices . I have been here so many times that I have tried almost everything on the menu. Its one of my most favourite places of all time.

The only minor gripe I have is that I feel that they should be putting more effort into their presentation. The food tastes so good , but it does not look as good as it tastes. You are slightly disappointed when the food is placed in front of you. If it looks as good as it tastes , hell will freeze over 😛

These pictures are only of the things we ordered in our most recent visit , But I will also mention the things that are not pictured here but are amazing as well.

898 Steaks and Grill

Crispy Prawns – Probably Looked the worst out of everything , but tasted good.
898 Steaks and Grill

Fish and Chips – I found it a little under seasoned, But everyone else thought it was perfect.

898 Steaks and GrillGarlic Pepper Chicken Steamk – BOMBER THAN THE BOMBEST. I also ordered a side of mashed potatoes because food.
898 Steaks and Grill

Alfredo Pasta – Above Average. I mean its white sauce pasta.
898 Steaks and Grill

898 Fish Steak – Me no Likey.

Other Must try options at 898 Steaks and Grill are :

Italian Steak

Chicken lasagna

898 Chicken Parmigiana

Lemon Chicken


Restaurant Review – Mr.Beans ,Home Cafe – Bangalore

‘There is no place like Home” , They say.

Well then ‘They’ have not been to Mr Beans home café .

( Who’s this they anyway 😛 )

This is the perfect example of a warm , and cozy , ‘home outside of home’ place , which has amazing food and a great environment. The Décor is simple and very graphic ( Yaaaassss ) although some of the photo frames are slightly tilted which gets on my OCD nerves so much. ( I can sometimes not concentrate on the food 😛 )

When you enter , you can see friends catching up over a game of foosball , Music enthusiasts having a jam session , food lovers ordering everything on the menu , corporate people discussing tax increments and families making some marriage deals.

All in one place.

you would think all this happening in one place will make it confusing and noisy but it doesnt. It all makes sense somehow and even in all the hoopla you can find your spot and just be.

perfect place to chill , is what this is for me. To zen out.


I have Spent so much time here , it’s not even funny. After hours of being stuck in traffic , that time of the month , after a long day of shopping , after a movie , or just when I did not feel like eating the Food in my Pg 😛

They have varied varieties in beverages and food to choose from for both vegetarians and non vegetarians. The food is mainly European but Indian European 😛

Following are some of the things I ordered the last time I went there :


Bell Pepper and Cheese Quesadilla – BOMB. MUST TRY.


 Crispy Fried Chicken – Too Crispy for my liking , a little too dry.

Aglio –E- Olio Past – Amazing , a little oily though.

Herbed Gnocchi in Pesto – Great alternative to any regular pasta , Made very well.

DSC_0734Mushroom and Cheese Ravioli – Was amazing one time and very overcooked the other time #stillcantjudge

DSC_0742Strawberry cheesecake in a jar – Very small  and a little too cold. Maybe if it was left out at room temperature for some time it would have tasted better.

More Information About them :

Mr.Beans – Home Cafe
100 Feet Road, Next to Karnataka Bank,
Near BDA Complex, 3rd Block,  
Koramangala, Bangalore
Tel No :080 30412940 ext:679
Website : www.mrbeans.in
@ FB :https://www.facebook.com/mrbeanscoffeelounge
Operating hours : 11 AM to 11 PM


The Little Door, Pune – Restaurant Review

I am sure everyone already knows about The Little Door a.k.a TLD , and for anyone who does not know It is a very famous lounge in Mumbai , which is now open in Pune Also.

TLD is a place I would love to go on the weekdays because It would be empty 😛 and I could for once see everything properly , have food peacefully without any background Noise , Drink and actually be able to clearly hear what the person sitting next to me is saying 😛

It has a great ambience and the concept of it being a ‘Little Door’ is very cute.  Because Pune has a lot more space than Bombay , this one is twice the size of the one in Bombay Which is an amazing advantage because at least you don’t feel like you are the ‘Jack’ in the ‘Box’ 😛

It is Slightly on the pricey side in my opinion and being very honest , food wise , this one in Pune was very underwhelming. I much preferred the food in Bombay but then maybe it was luck.

Anyways Here is Some of what we ordered :

-The Nachos – *Straightface* Were made of Doritos. Enough Said.

-The Chicken Skewers – Very Nice, Less Quantity Though.

-The Cottage Cheese Steak – Ok. Average. Nothing Great.

– A Mojito – Which was Bitter. ( The Most Basic Cocktail off all time was bitter. )

– A Few other things that were as disappointing as the ones mentioned above.

Overall  – My experience was not that great , But if yours is better do let me know 😀 That being said, I would anyway prefer this one to the one in Bombay.

2.5 on 5.


Nachos @ TLD


The Chicken Skewars


The Cottage Cheese Steak Type Thing.


Holy Smokes !!! Koregaon Park , Pune

This was probably the most unexpected place I have ever been to in Pune. It was kind of weird. From the photos on zomato you would never know what this place looks like from the outside. It honestly looks like a stall from the outside and one would never think that it is actually a chamber of secrets 😐  A chamber that goes on expanding and branching out with each step you take. And then finally when you reach inside you get a brain freeze and you’re confused.

(Atleast I was  😛 )

The ambience is a mix of many elements that don’t necessarily go together but somehow kind of make sense. The wall graphics are nicely done but the furniture is sort of uncomfortable. The menu has a ‘international with an indian twist to it’ theme and the staff is very attentive and happy 🙂 Overall It gives the vibe of a very chill place where you would want to come and hang out with your friends.

On to the Food –

– Macaroni and cheese Pizza – Meh. Did not justify the taste of mac and cheese or the pizza. What was left of it was meh :/

– VEG BOBBIT – PROBABLY THE WEIRDEST THING YOU WILL EVER EAT ( And one of the reasons why I wanted to write about this place )

So its kind of has a jacket potato type concept to it. It’s basically a really fat ass bun with filling inside , but the bun is standing up vertically and the filling is oozing out and I do not understand how to eat it actually. #oneofthoseexperiences

This ‘Bobbit’ is one of their specialities  I am assuming because of its weird yet intriguing nature 😛 It was fun I have to admit to ‘Experience’ this ‘Bobbit’

(I swear I  cannot take that name seriously , I have to laugh every time I say it 😀 😛 )


– The bobbit was not my cup of tea , so I did not like it , but if you are the kind of person who likes giant vertical buns stuffed with corn , then you do you.

– The Other Veg Pizza  – Again Meh. Very chewy.

SHOULD YOU GO TO HOLY SMOKES ( with the three exclamation points !!! ) – You could skip this , But trying ‘The Bobbit’ should be on your bucket list 😛  The food overall was dissapointing.

IMG_8825IMG_8828IMG_8823IMG_8830IMG_8831BOBBIT. Pictured Above. BOBBIT.IMG_8834IMG_8837IMG_8835IMG_8836


Habibi, Koregaon Park, Pune – Restaurant Review

I have a serious question.

Why is it that the minute you add ‘Habibi’ to any sentence/song it immediately becomes middle eastern 😐 ?

So obviously no points for guessing the cuisine they serve here.

Habibi is a very beautiful, colorful , very Turkish meets Arabic looking restaurant in ABC Farms in Koregaon Park. It looks more like a lounge than a restaurant. It has pink walls, colourful cushions and quirky lanterns , It really looks like a scene that has been picked out of ‘Aladdin’ 😀 The menu has a great selection of Mezze with all the usual contents – hummus, tabouleh, baba ganoush etc. The Prices are decent ( just about touching expensive ) and the ambiance A-okay.

What we ordered :

I have been here thrice and I will try my level best to remember the things I have tried , here goes :

– Watermelon fattoush – Very refreshing, But I would not order it again personally because I did not like the texture of the bread and watermelon together.

– Mezze Platter – Best thing to order if this cuisine is new to you.

-Hummus ( Obviously ) – AMAZING.

-Hummus Shawarma – AMAZING. ( Hard to eat because it was falling apart 😛 )

-Falafel – Very Good , a little dry though.

-Grilled Lava Stone Vegetables – Some of the vegetables were bland , but the dips were great. Average Overall.

-Another thing that I cannot remember arraign – But it was meh , that I remember 😛

P.S The Pickled Vegetables are to die for.

Overall – Give this place a go , its different and if you are in the mood to try an unusual cuisine once in a while this would be amazing to go to.The one thing which I found was really off , was the awkward gap between the chairs and the tables which made it uncomfortable to eat.

Also Google tells me ‘Habibi’ means ‘My Baby’ or ‘My Darling’. This is me answering my own question. 😛



Independence Brewing Company, Koregaon Park, Pune

This place looks absolutely STUNNING.

It’s so huge and the decor is very tastefully done ,  the ambience is absolutely amazing. I fell in love the minute I walked in. The day my friends and I went here it was the India vs Pakistan final and they had set up a projector and the place was completely packed with everyone cheering and screaming . It was insane. Good Insane That is 😛

Because I don’t drink beer , the only opinion I can give on beer is based on what my friends told me. According to them the beer options were good but not all the beers actually tasted good. They were quite happy with the price points though :p So as a brewery I would not know how good or bad this place is.

We have a ritual which is that whenever all of us go out we have to order French fries and Nachos. These are our 2 holy grail food items and as per our ritual we went ahead and order these two.

– The french Fries – I am going to stop adding this to my ‘What we ordered lists’ . Unless and until I eat a bowl of french fries encrusted with diamonds I will talk about french fries 😛

– The Loaded nachos – Second Best nachos I have had in my life. 1st being the Big nachos at Cream Centre.

– The Chicken Tacos – S-M-A-S-H-I-N-G. TOO DAMN GOOD.

–  The Lemon Orange Tart – Mixed Opinion , because I loved the pastry , but did not like the filling ( Lemon and orange together , I don’t know weird. )

Overall – This is an amazing place , with great ambience , great service , great food options , great drinks options 🙂



Anonymous Cafe Bar, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

I have been to Anonymous twice , once for lunch with my friends , and the other when we had our college farewell party and I have to say this place is meant to be gone to at Night and on weekends. I was so shocked  when I went for lunch because it was completely empty and the waiters were sitting in one corner and chit chatting and we had to literally ask them is the place was even open or not and they said that it was 😐

We were the only 4 people in the entire place and it was so so weird 😐 The place itself is very pretty, there is art on the walls ( very ‘Pune’ type place ) and it has both indoor and outdoor seating options, we chose to sit outside on the rooftop.The menu has a good mix of everything and the prices are also reasonable.

What we Ordered :

sun-dried Tomato Chicken – Amazing!

Garlic Bread – Had actually garlic on it -Bing!

French Fries – Nothing really to write about there.

Smoked Chicken Pizza – Average.

White Sauce Pasta – Average.

And the second time I went here was for a proper party and it was a completely different experience then , at the night the place looks amazing , the music was great , the bar was open and the ambience was just too good that night. This place is a riot at night and ‘meh’  during the day. This would be great place for a get together or for an office partyI think. So if you want to go to this place I suggest , go on a weekend or go at night 🙂



Incognito , Viman Nagar – Pune

Incognito for me , is the best place to go to after a long day of movies + shopping in Phoenix mall. It is  a multi cuisine restaurant so there is something for everybody here. It has a vast menu and great drinks options. The prices are fairly reasonable and the ambience and staff are both on point!

What we ordered :

– Loaded Potato skins – Crispy Bacon and cheese – Very different , great taste and very filling for an appetiser.

-Chilly Potato Shots – Average.

-Chicken Skewers-SMASHING.

-Seafood Chowder Soup – Meh, less Chowder more soupy liquid.

-Chicken cacciatore – SMASHING.

-Eggplant Parmigiana – Was not baked enough , has water residue.

-Chicken Enchiladas- SMASHING.

-Devilled Cottage Cheese – Very nice , overly spiced a little bit i felt.

-Bread Butter Pudding – REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD.

-Classic Mango Mascarpone Cheesecake – Okay , not that great.

Overall – Like I said its a great restaurant , and probably the best eating joint in Phoenix after Punjab Grill , the only thing that I absolutely don’t like is that it is in a mall , but then again that is a matter of personal preference , I hate the concept of good restaurants in malls 😛




Never in a million years did i think that i would come across such a place in a city like goa. This has hands down been the best discovery of goa for me.

Black sheep bistro is a brilliant restaurant + Lounge  tucked away in Panjim. It is very stylish, fancy looking and has a very chill yet posh vibe to it. What made this experience all the more special was the hosts/owner of the restaurant Sabreen and Prahlad Sukhtankar welcoming us with great warmth. They were so attentive and polite, that it made me happy even before i ordered or ate anything really.

What we ordered :

I honestly do not remember the exact names of anything we ordered so excuse my name remembering-ness.

– Cinnamon Chicken – Amazing 😀 The chicken could have been a little softer though.

– Sea Food Risotto – Very well made – as told by my sea food lover friend.

– Bruschetta – Average.

– Veg Rattatouile – Great 😀 ( Too much spinach , for my personal taste though)

-Another Chicken Dish that i cannot remember the name of 😛 Sorry

– Churros with Dark Chocolate Sauce – Yum yum yum yum yum.

Overall – GO EAT AT BSB. That is all i have to say. Yes, it is not a cheap place but it is not uber expensive also. It is a great place to go to if you are looking to spend a chill and delicious evening. Once you are inside you do not feel like you are in goa , it made me feel like i was sitting in a bistro in europe somewhere :p. The service is absolutely smashing, the hosts are the best i have witnessed till date and last but not the least the food is aaaammmaaazziiinnggggg. You are in for one hell of an experience if you go here.

In short BSB is DABOMB.Com




Breakfast at Prem’s, Koregaon Park – Pune.

I never quite understood why Prem’s was listed under the ‘Great Breakfasts’ List on Zomato because I always though it was more of a Dinner-Lunch-Brunch type of place, little did I know I would end up going for breakfast there and absolutely loving it.

We went on a cold , rainy day , all of us were so cold , cranky and hungry and expecting nothing less than a great breakfast experience because anything less than that would have pushed us over the edge and all of us would have had a seizure.No kidding.

We Ordered :

1. Waffles with Chocolate Syrup : BOMB.

2.Masala and Albumen ( Egg White ) Omlette : BOMB , Hash Browns though – completely saltless.

3.Breakfast Sandwhich : Very Fresh , Crunchy , yummmaaaay.

4.Cheese Tomato Sandwich : Meh. Nothing Special.

5.Cheese Burger : OH MY GOD. SO GOOD. ( Fried Cheese + Tomato + Mayo + Lettuce = Perfection ).

6.Cold Coffee : Very Strong , me Likey.

P.S  The ambience was very cosy and surprisingly dark for breakfast. Also , the music they were playing was club music . At 10 Am 😐

But other than that it was A-Okay.


Should you go to Prem’s for breakfast? – YES. Go today.



The Following are pictures from our Mid College Vacation 😛  to Chennai and Pondicherry 😀

I would like to thank  Mrs Nilina Kuriakose and Mrs Seema sandir  ( Respective mothers of my homies Nayantara Thomas and Preeti Sandhir 😛 ) for feeding us and making us FAT. VERY FAT 😀



Cafe Zoe, Mumbai.

There were 3 things I noticed when I entered cafe Zoe :

1.  This was the Biggest Restaurant I had and still have ever seen in the city of Mumbai.

2. The Decor was Kickass.Very Designer. ( Industrial Meets Modern )

3. They Had a Separate Dessert Station.

So , we sat down and I noticed another thing that blew my mind , there was a wall full of ‘Kulture Shop’ merchandise FOR SALE.

( For Anyone who Doesn’t know what  ‘Kulture Shop’ is , it is a Graphic Designer’s Dream. It is an amazing brand that curates Art Prints , T-Shirt Prints etc. For more info : www.kultureshop.in)

Very clearly I was already impressed by the place 😛 and this is only 10 Minutes in.

So , on to the Food :

We Ordered :

1. Beetroot Risotto – Not ideally my taste , but my friend liked it a lot.

2. Barbecue Chicken – AMAZING.

3. Ricotta Gnocchi – AMAZING.

4. Ice Teas – Made of actual tea and not the lipton ice tea.

5. Beef Bourguignon – Very Well Made.

6.White Chocolate Cherry pie – Meh. Not that great. Too Dense.

Overall :

Pros :

  •  Kickass Decor / Ambience
  • Huge. ( Refreshing change from the crunched restaurants in Bombay )
  • The Food is Really Really Good. ( A-OK Quality.)
  • Fast Service.Helpfull Staff.
  • Non Vegetarian Dishes are amazing.

Cons :

  • Expensive. ( Maybe Because of the location : Lower Parel )
  • Always Crowded hence the waiting time.
  • The location 😐 Hard to Find.
  • Not so great Desserts.

P.S – unfortunately , Have only 2 pictures to share 😛IMG_8599IMG_8604SHOULD YOU GO TO CAFE ZOE , MUMBAI ? – ABSOLUTELY YES.



Nandos!! Nandos!! Nandos!!

It gives me great pleasure to write about this place (eeeeeeppppp and excitement off course ) I kind of feel stupid , correction – Very Stupid , that i did not know Nandos had branches in India.

I always thought , and heard about nandos being a chicken lovers paradise. and yet i did not know there were branches in – Bangalore , Chennai , Delhi , Chandigarh and Ludhiana. 3 out of 5 places I have visited 😐

Anyways , so i got to finally go to nando’s when my friends and i went to Bath in december and needless to say that was probably the best meal of that entire trip.

( I would like to point out that my Autocorrect keeps changing “Nando’s” to “Nannies” and it is highly frustrating. )

For anyone who does not know what Nando’s is – Nando’s is an international casual dining chain originating from Africa, with a Mozambican / Portuguese Theme ( Yas. Wikipedia )

Basically this is the restaurant that is keeping Indians Alive throughout the world. Believe me when i say , this is the one restaurant you can go to and not worry about the food being ‘Bland’ or ‘tasteless’ because as proud indians we love our spices and find everything else blah.

The food is OFF THE HOOK AMAZING. It is fresh , juicy , full of flavour and you can select the amount of ‘Heat’ you like.I had a Chicken Breast Fillet Wrap + a side of Rice ( I chose Very Hot on the Heat Scale and still it was not overly spicy , it was just right)



Dishoom ,London : My Experience


First off , What a KICKASS name.

Dishoom is a Bombay-style cafe in London’s Covent Garden which has nabbed the top spot in Yelp’s Top 100 places to eat in the UK list. ( Which the Celebrity Chefs are not very happy about )

It is one of the many London restaurants I had intended to visit during my trip , and was off course excited out of my mind when we finally decided to go here for dinner.

However , my opinion about this place is going to differ from any indian living in london , because I live in india and will compare this place to every other amazing expensive indian restaurant I have eaten at and will also obviously consider the currency difference ( Hello , 110 rs = 1 Pound ) . Lez go .


  • Firstly , this is not anything like a Bombay – Style Cafe. It is a straight out – Posh , Fine Dining Restaurant . The Decor is very modern with  ‘Retro Bollywood’ Touches.
  • There was a waiting line when we reached because we did not make a reservation , and while we were waiting we were served Green Tea which was rather nice.We did not really have to wait for a very long time , say 15 Mins and we got a table.
  • I was very impressed with how crowded this place was ( My Inner Patriot was singing vande materam. I swear :P). There was no empty table , it was filled with Indian , British , Chineese  , French and what not , people.
  • The Pricing was not too bad ( Considering it is located in Covent Garden ) and  honestly I was expecting it to be way more expensive than what it was . ( I mean 700 rs for Dal 😐 . C’MON )

The Food :

  • What Really Surprised me was the portion size. It was TINY. I Initially thought the pricing was fine but when I saw the portion sizes I died a little inside. Okay a lot. I Died , a Lot.

We Ordered –

1. Butter Chicken ( Yes. I like my Chicken Mainstream) –  Really Good. BUT It did not top Punjab Grill’s Butter Chicken in my mind.

2. Dal Makhni – Really , Really Good . Except we were 4 people and finished it in 5 minutes. ( THE PORTION SIZE WAS KILLING ME )

3. Mutter Paneer – Average , Really Average . ( Little Sweet )

4. Veg Biryani – Good. Nothing to write home about.

5. Cinnamon Ice cream – BRILLIANT.

6. Pineapple Crumble – BRILLIANT.

And Now ,


  • Good Food.
  • The desserts are Brilliant.
  • Very Nice Ambience.
  • Quick Service.
  • Helpful Staff. ( Help you understand the components of the dish )
  • Not That expensive , considering the locality.


  • The Food is good , but not great , it could be better. ( Especially for the portion size and the price )
  • Always Crowded.
  • TINY PORTION SIZES. ( Am I emphasizing enough ? )
  • A little Overhyped I feel.


It is a good place to eat indian food , maybe not the best though ( But then again , I don’t live in London so i wouldn’t know ). It is moderately price , even though it is located in the heart of London, but the most disappointing thing for me was definitely the portion sizez. Nonetheless it is a good restaurant and obviously is doing something right , which is why it is the most popular indian restaurant in the city.




Infantaria is a Must go to/ Very popular cafe in Calangute , Goa which has a vast variety of foods and  a great selection of pastries and cakes to take away also.It is renowned for its breakfast and they also do great deals on beer (when accompanied with food). It is a favourite for foreigners and locals alike. However I do feel , that over the years it has become slightly overrated , and some times especially in the holiday season they do tend to focus more on their foreign crowd than the local crowd.

Most of the food I’ve had here has been good. Ambiance is decent and service although slow is enough to not leave u too disappointed. It is one of those happy places , that I can  go to over and over again and not get bored with.

  • Infantaria is also the place , where I discovered the best apple pie on the face of this earth. Just Saying. 😛

I do not have a list of what ever my friends and I ate here , because its been a really long time and 3 different trips and I honestly don’t remember all of it but of  whatever I remember I shall try :

1. Chicken Ala Infantaria – GREAT. ( Well made , flavoursome chicken with a side of mashed potatoes and vegetables )

2. 3 Types of Pasta – One in a cherry tomato sauce , one in white sauce and one lasagna ( I know , horrible 😐 I do not remember the names ) BUT ALL GREAT. ( overcompensating for not know the names 😀 )

3. Apple Pie. Apple Pie . Apple Pie  ( Refer to the Bullet Point above )

4. Brownie points : They had Aam Panna Flavoured Breezer .


  • VAST Menu.
  • Good Quantity of food.
  • Not very Pricey.
  • Great Desserts. ( Apple Pie *wink wink* )
  • Good Deals on Alcohol.
  • Nice Ambience.


  • Below Average Service.
  • Waiting time during holiday season.


SHOULD YOU GO TO INFANTARIA , GOA ? – YES.YES.YES. ( Also , do eat the Apple Pie )



I wanted to end this year on a happy note , so I decided to post  all my favourite things ( Fashion , beauty and food ) in the last week of december. This post is no different. I talk about my favourite restaurant of life – Olive Bistro.

There is nothing about this restaurant that I don’t like. I love everything: The Decor , the ambience , the food , the service , the desserts. You name it and I love it. This post might be a little biased ( Tiny bit ), because I absolutely adore the place, but it won’t be fake or untrue ,I promise.

But for all those who don’t know what olive bistro is :

Olive Bar & Kitchen is a super popular, celebrity frequented restaurant in Bombay and Delhi. I had always wondered what it was about that place that attracted soon many people. I very quickly became one of ‘those people’ when it opened as ‘Olive Bistro’ in Pune and I ate here the first time. The first thing you say when you enter is “Wow , this looks spectacular”.  There is a Mediterranean ambience infused with many quirky and vintage pieces ,miss matched furniture, chandeliers , an outdoor fountain and even an outdoor wood oven pizza area.

I have visited this place soon many times , but obviously I won’t be making a list of all the food I have ever eaten here because that would be very tiring and unnecessary. I Will be mentioning the food I ate in my most recent visit.

The Food :

1. House Special Falafel in Pita Pockets with Hummus – Very Tasty, Full of flavour.

2. Formaggio ( White Sauce Pasta ) – Average.

3.Ricotta and Basil Tortellini – AMAZING. ( Best stuffed pasta , I have ever eaten )

4. Wood Oven Baked Cannelloni – Not nice , The mushroom filling tasted really weird.

5. Slow Roast Stuffed Chicken – Lovely , well made , Different.

6. Cottage Cheese and Parmesan Steak – UNBELIEVABLE ( Coming from a hard-core non vegetarian ) Super super soft Paneer , Creamy vegetables.

7. Chocolate Fondant- BEST CHOCOLATE FONDANT OF LIFE. ( My Friend and I once went ,JUST to eat this )

8. OB Insanity Cake Slice – Massive. Not a fan of the strawberry layer , otherwise good.

9. Macaroons – Bad. Too dense , Super sweet.

Overall :


  • Amazing Ambience.
  • Great Food. ( 10 on 10 for Quality )
  • Huge Menu , with occasional ‘Special Menus’
  • Quick Service.
  • The Chocolate Fondant is to die for.


  • Opens only after 7 Pm.
  • Crowded on the weekends.
  • Portion sizes could be bigger.
  • Expensive.





The food scene in India has gone through a change in the past few years. Cities have now started adapting ‘Global cuisine’ restaurants and are not afraid to branch out , take a risk and open an eclectic restaurant.

Brooklyn Shuffle is part of the group behind Jimmy Hu & TJs in Pune. As you enter ‘The Brooklyn Shuffle Diner’ you will feel like you have stepped into a diner in the US of A. Bright red sofas, blue chairs, lamps hanging over the tables, wall art and retro music playing in the background (1000 Points to the decor).It is an apt place to go to if you want to get away from the mundane city life .

The Food :

1. Beef Chilli Fries – BANG ON.

2. Macaroni and Cheese – Not that Great.

3. Crunchy Potato Burger – Very flavoursome , though hard to eat as it was falling apart.

4. Classic Moroccan Chicken Burger – The patty tasted like , a frozen patty. Difficult to eat. Not very ‘Moroccan’ . Didn’t match up to expectations.

5. Fried Chicken Burger – Good. Was a mix between KFC and Subway.

5. Pancakes with maple syrup – Very Tasty , Fresh , Well made.

6.Apple Crumble – BANG ON.

7. Cheesecake – BANG ON.

8. Chocolate Brownie – Average.

Overall :


  • Amazing Ambience (One thing that BSD Got Spot on).
  • Portions are large ( All burgers/Subs come with sides of fries and onion rings )
  • Good Menu ( There is something for everyone ).
  • Service and Staff – Impeccable.
  • Great Desserts.


  • Pricey ( Not intended to attract the McDonald’s audience )
  • Hits and Misses with the food ( what is good is exceptionally good , what is bad is disappointingly bad)

IMG_6344IMG_6346IMG_6347Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 11.52.01 pm




Most of us mere mortals do not know what Yum Crumb Co is , Well let me tell you – It is Heaven.

Yum Crumb Co offers gourmet cupcakes that are made fresh daily. Their  homemade cupcakes are prepared with premium ingredients, and hand decorated .( Wow level – 100! ) you don’t need to leave your homes and offices to get  irresistible melt-in-your-mouth cupcakes or that special cake. They deliver!

I tried my first ever Yum Crumb Creation at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender  in Pune . It was a red velvet cupcake , I am not even exaggerating , but  it was and still very much is the best red velvet cupcake I have ever had.  I have attended weekender for 3 years now , and it would not be wrong to say that I look forward to eating yummy crumb desserts as much as I look forward to the performances :P.

Their menu  consists of cupcakes and cakes ranging from – The Classic Vanilla to , Orange choice Burst to , Lemon zest to , the Ultimate Red Velvet . Because they do customised orders as well , it makes it all the more special. ( Vegetarian people need not worry , they have got you covered )

There is nothing better than a homemade , heartfelt dessert. Which is exactly what Yum Crumb  stands for , I have never been disappointed in anything that I have eaten so far . I cannot even make a pros and cons list because there is no con. You can see the work and heart they put into each creation.

The cupcakes I have had , I can without a doubt say were way better than the ones I have had in a say – Marriot or Taj or another fancy name you can think of.

I honestly would want every person who reads this to give yum crumb co a try , you will not be disappointed.


You can contact them on : +91 86980-83833

Write to them at : yumcrumbco@gmail.com

Their Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/YumCrumb



To be honest I used to be a bit wary of organic foods.

I felt that anything labelled ‘healthy’ would be just a convenient way to charge more money for something which is not tasty. My opinion changed when I visited The Birdsong Cafe in Mumbai. ( Now Known as ‘The Birdsong’)

The Birdsong, is an organic all-day cafe, which is not very easy to Find. It is situated inside a ‘Galli’ ( Shop No. 1-5, Jenu-Jenai, Off. Hill Road, Waroda Road – Seriously ?! ) and I am pretty sure I would not have been able to find it , had it not been for Google Maps ( Thank you Technology). Once I Found it , it just got better from there.

The first thing which stuck about Birdsong Cafe was the beautiful wood blinds effect from outside , as I approached it , I could see glimpses of the fresh deli counter , the big blackboard menu; slated wooden tables; exposed brick walls and bulbs, pretty upholstery and big French windows.

Except – They told us we had to wait of 30 minutes to get a table. ( Sighs times two)

Once we sat inside , I knew I had to order their famous Lemon Ginger Drink , and it was fairly new at the time , so they gave us a black and white printed menu with not as many for options. I decided to go for the  ‘Chicken Aglio Olio Pasta’ , and my friends ordered the ‘Farmers Pizza’ and the ‘Veg Risotto’ respectively.

The chicken Aglio olio Pasta – Great, Little low on salt.

Farmers Pizza – Shocking, The portion size was very disappointing .Taste Wise – Average.

Veg Risotto – Very Tasty.

Ginger Lemon – Amazing. Musssstttttt Trrrryyyy.

Pros :

  • Quaint , Cosy and Calm Place ( Great for anyone who likes that kind of ambience a.k.a Me :P)
  • Great Variety of Organic food that actually tastes good.
  • The Ginger Lemon Juice. Must Try.
  • Paradise for people who love clean eating.
  • ‘Healthier’ Desserts.
  • Amazing Decor.

Cons :

  • Small Place , More people – Extended Waiting time.
  • Portion Sizes of some dishes very disappointing.
  • Not very cheap.
  • Difficult to Find.
  • The style , the food might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

I am very Bummed that I don’t have better pictures , because at the time I did not know I would start Blogging.Oh well , Note to self – Always be Prepared.





This post has been long overdue , Mainly because I could not find the correct pictures from my massive photo library. Now that I have the pictures ,let me get started.

So this buffet that I am talking about happens to be of The Leela in Mumbai , where I stayed for a weekend because my dad had a conference there. I was beyond excited ( because helllooo , the leela 😛 ) , and other than the actually stay what makes a trip worthwhile for me is the food ( Obviously ) but unfortunately I was very disappointed this time , on the food front that is.

As per usual it made more sense to eat in a buffet than A la Carte , and honestly buffets makes my heart rush because of all the dessert options 😛 . There was a lot of variety but the menu was very western , I am assuming because they have to  “Cater to their western guests” . Indian food options were less and all I could mainly see was cold cuts , pork and sea food.

Cutting the long story short – There was less indian food , the  food was very bland , tasteless and cold ,  the drinks were mainly canned drinks , there was less attention to detail , The western cuisine came into play mainly during breakfast , which was great. ( Mainly because of the waffles and pancakes ) . The desserts were underwhelming and out of almost all that I tried ( yes, I tried them all ) only 1 stood out for me – the Mulberry Pie . Everything else was just bleh.  Some of them were even raw.

Maybe my experience was bad , maybe usually the food is not as bad as it was that time. But whatever it was , it made us not go to that buffet again. ( We want to Masala Library Instead 😛 )




I’d heard a lot about this place, so a breakfast visit was in order.  Except I happened to go , during a college visit to the concerned area 😛

Cafe Vohuman was opened in 1978 by Hormazd uncle. Even today, you can find him sitting on the counter in the mornings.EVERYBODY in Pune knows about this joint, and if u don’t . Seriously?

Cafe Vohuman is somewhat different from the usual Irani cafe decor. It is very old yet Bright and neat, it’s a decent well priced sort of place. ( By well Priced I mean Stinking Cheap ). Their main star on the menu is of course, the Double cheese omelette with toast. Cafe Vohuman is a superb all-day place for eggs. You can order fried eggs, omelettes or bhurji and you will not be disappointed.

P.s If you do not like butter , this may be the wrong place for you because this place shows absolutely no mercy when it comes to butter, they will drain , suffocate , strangle  you with butter ( The good kind of suffocation off course Haha )

That specific day I decided to order the bhurjee and the classic Bun Maska . My Bill you ask ?

65 Ruppees.

Yes. 65.

The only thing that I do not like was that it is always crowded  , hence the waiting time and also that it closes very early and that I still have to try the Double cheese omelette . Sigh.

Basically , This Place is a ” MUST GO TO ” . wheather you are from pune , not from pune does not matter.





There are Some things I learnt , only when I moved to Maharashtra.

Things such as :

what I call ‘Aloo Tikki ‘ back at home is called ‘ Ragda Pattis” here.

What I call ‘Lauki or Ghiya’  is called ‘ Dhoodhi ‘ here.

what I call ‘Halwa’  is called ‘Sheera’ here .

What I call ‘Pattis’ is called ‘Puff’ here.

and so on…

But , something that I had never heard of , at home or for that matter anywhere , EVEN in South India  was “LONI DOSA”. I literally thought it was called Loni Dosa , because it was a speciality of Loni Kalbhor or something , but no. It is called  Loni dosa because ‘Loni’ means butter in Marathi. The easiest way I can explain it is that , it is essentially a sponge dosa , like a very very soft , buttery sponge dosa . you get the masala served separately , along with the sambar and the chutney. and it is PHENOMENAL. My favorite kind of dosa. It is so stinking cheap , and you usually get 3 small dosa in ‘one plate’ that you order. To be honest , i have eaten it in all sorts of places , the expensive ones the roadside vendors , but no body can beat the road side stalls . It irks me sometimes , when I think about the hygiene of those stalls but the actually dosa makes me forget all of it , and that has never really stopped me from eating it anyway , nor will it ever.

I don’t even know why I thought it would be relevant enough to write about a kind of dosa,  but I have been obsessed with it for 4 years now , so why not.

Food wise this is definitely the thing that I will miss the most , when I am done with college.



SHOULD YOU TRY THE LONI DOSA ? – YES.YES.YES ________________________________________________________________________


I happened to go to this place , after watching a movie in the mall , My friends and I were sooooo hungry , we could eat a cow.

We did not think much as to what the place was , weather or not we wanted to eat Italian , Was it expensive or not , we literally barged into it because it was the first establishment we saw that served food.

We ordered –

1. White Sauce Pasta ( Average , nothing special )

2. Cannelloni ( Looked almost identical to the Lasagne. Tasty , though I thought it was under seasoned. )

3. Veg Lasagne ( Really nice in texture , cheesy , but was made up of only two vegetables – Bottle guard and Capsicum )

The portion size was definitely towards the heavier side. I could not finish my Lasagne , but my friends finished theirs. The service was quick , but there was no water served to us , we had to ask for water and it was then served to us in small plastic glasses. The taste of the food was above average yet not mind-blowing and the space is small , and cozy , with tables outside also. They do have a vast menu , and I am sure there is something for everyone in it. The Prices of the pastas are average however the other dishes such as the Lasagne , Cannelloni and Pizzas I thought were a little hyped, the Cannelloni and the lasagne even looked almost the same ( Same sauce , same cheese ). Would I go to this place again ? I don’t know , Maybe.





For someone , who is from Rajasthan , the concept of eating Rajasthani food is not an exciting one . I was and am generally not interested in eating Rajasthani food when I am in Pune , because of two main reasons –

1. In my mind no restraunt can compare to the authentic Rajasthani food that I have when I am in Kota.

2. I have genuinely always been disappointed when I have eaten Rajasthani food in places , other than rajasthan.

My experience at Rajdhani was no different.

I was with two of my best friends , roaming about in Amanora mall in Pune , and suddenly I heard my friend scream with joy and excitement because he saw a sign outside Rajdhani that said ” THALI TUESDAY” , wherein you could get a full Thali for 200 Rs.

It was 6:55 Pm when he read it , and 7:30 Pm we were sitting on our table inside . Maybe because we were feeling adventurous or maybe it was the thought that we could get a Thali for 200 Rs.

7:31 Pm the food started flowing in , and before we knew it , our plates were so full we could not even see the bottom of our plates. Saying that the service was quick would be an understatement. We did not even get the time to say “yes we want this” or “no we don’t want this ” , But I have to give them props for having a very strong team. The servers are very sweet and attended us very promptly , and even forced us to eat more ( in a nice way , off course )

The minute I took the first bite I knew , it was going to be downhill from there.

The Thali contained –

2 Starters  (Dhokla and Vada – Average )

4 Vegetables ( Only 2 that I could understand and eat : Aloo and Paneer , the other two were some kind of Dal and Torai  which were made as if no body knew what salt is )

Roti , Rotla , Parathna ( Nothing really to write about )

Dal Baati ( Did not even deserve to be called Dal Baati because it was not. It was dry and tasteless )

Kadhi ( Could have been mistaken for a dessert , was so sweet )

Rice , Khichdi ( Very Bland )

2 Sweets  ( Kheer and Jalebi Rabri which were the only nice things in the entire Thali )

and Accompaniments ( which included Lassi , and Aamras which were both tasty )

In all – Like I said before , I have never been a fan of the food at Rajdhani but this time was specifically bad , because out of the million options they served us  , we liked only 2 of them ( the desserts and the accompaniments ) . We were done eating in precisely 18 minutes , because of the 1000 kms  per hour speed of the servers and because we did not enjoy our food. None of us did.

Maybe it is usually not so bad , maybe it was one of those bad days for me.





I came across this place , randomly roaming in Koregaon Park one day with my friends. We decided to give it a go , because it looked pretty and empty . They gave us a black and white printed menu , which threw me off a little bit . We were all actually not expecting much in terms of food , but were pleasantly surprised by it.

Also , Minor Detail – we were surprised by a RAT . A Rat that crawled on to our table and disappeared. Anyway.

We ordered :

1. Chilly and Mascarpone pasta – Anybody who loves white sauce / cheese sauce pastas will absolutely LOVE this.

2. Marinated Cottage Cheese Steak – Well made , sides complemented the steak beautifully.


4. Mushroom Baby Corn Masala – Very Tasty , with the right amount of heat.

(P.S , I don’t have pictures of all the dishes , but they were equally good )




  • Overall –  Quaint Cafe like Ambience
  • Happy Prices .
  • The Nachos. enough Said.
  • Interesting Weekend Specials
  • Good Food




Like many people, I was eagerly awaiting the re-opening of German Bakery after the tragedy that took place three years ago.The name had a different perception in my mind.  The way my Mom had explained it was , this quaint and cozy place with great food , The present interiors did not match up to that so I was left a bit blank. It looks more “Quirky” than “Cozy” . But it got better once we ordered the food.

What we ordered :

1. Cold coffees – Very rich and filling.

2. Keema Pav – MUST HAVE.

3. Cheese and Potato Burger – MUST HAVE. ( Vegetarian Alternative to any Chicken Burger on the menu )

4. Vegetable Club sandwiches – Average , Just like any other club sandwich.

5. Fresh Juices ( Watermelon and Beetroot ) – No Added sugar or salt , all natural , Flavoursome.

6. Lime Cheesecake – Very Tasty.


Overall – It is inevitable that everybody is going to compare the new menu with the old , I however don’t know what the old menu had , neither have I experienced going to the old german bakery , so I can only talk about my experience at the new German Bakery.

  • Best Suited for Breakfasts/Brunches ( Opens at 7:30 Am , less crowded that time )
  • vast menu , with good vegetarian and non vegetarian options.
  • Good Quantity of Food.
  • Very Good Desserts.
  • Prompt Service.

Should You Go to German Bakery ? – YES.