Red , Blue and a whole lot of Sparkle !

Merrrryyyy Chrisstmmaassssssss Everyone!

This year for this very exciting week here on StyleChutney I decided to go full-out and cliché and wear red and shine bright light a diamond on Christmas day 😛

I am Punjabi , so Christmas is not really on my ‘festivals I am excited about list’ but I am also a human being who loves eating desserts. And We all know how dessert shops can go crazy ( in a good way off course ) around this time of the year. And I am All about that Life. Haha Even if that means I will probably have to go get 100 root canals in the next 2 years.

If I had to pick my vice , it would be sequins.

And if I had choice I would wear sequins every single day 😛 and sparkle. Every Single Day.

This Outfit has a ‘I want to sparkle , but I don’t want to overdo it and blind everyone looking at me ‘ vibe to it ‘ 😛 and is me in a nutshell. I love plaid and I love sequins. Together you would think they will not work but they do! And sequins can get very overpowering at times , but with the shirt it looks very balanced. And it’s a different approach to sequins in my opinion. Because I wanted to do something other than putting sequins with a solid color top and I feel that red Plaid is very festive!

Minor Note – These Pants will scratch you. And Give you a rash.

I don’t know why , I don’t know how. All I know is that my hands have faced this tragedy time and again. But that somehow does not stop me from wearing them 😛



Shirt – Forever 21 

Pants –  Noble Faith @ Myntra

Shoes – Steve madden


Sweater Weather

I am cold.

All day. Every day.

You would think I have better resistance to cold because I am from Rajasthan.

Ya, NO.

Sweater Weather has arrived people.

My winter wardrobe is as out of control and about 3 things I am absolutely positive:

  1. Winter is a nightmare.
  2. There is a part of it, and I don’t know how dominant that part might be and
  3. I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with sweaters.

* Brownie points to whoever can tell me which movie this is from, Ha-ha: P

This is one of those looks I could wear every single day and you would not hear me complaint about it. I Love greys and I am currently obsessed with this deep pomegranate type color. (One does not simply go to forever 21 and buy 3 things in the same exact color :P). It’s pretty simple:

Grey Sweater + Colored Pants + Nude Heels + Statement Necklace = The Perfect day – to -night Transitional Outfit.

But I have to warn anyone who is reading this.


They are the most uncomfortable, pain inducing pair of heels I have every worn. They are angled and arched so high that it makes it absolutely impossible to walk. There is no grip and no stability in the heel, which is 6 Inches. So spare yourself the horror and STAY AWAY from these heels, or anything similar.

Curtsey – Forever 21.

Also , if you are on the lookout for good quality , affordable and trendy sweaters for this Sweater Weather, Forever 21 is absolutely killing it right now unlike Their Shoes *coughs*

And if anyone has any recommendation for any other brand/online portal which has good sweaters, leave them down below please 😀

I would love to increase my collection and bury myself in it someday! 😛

K Bye!


Sweater Weather

_N5A8880 copy



_N5A8833 copy_N5A8829 copy


Outfit Details :

Sweater – Forever 21

Trousers – Mango

Necklace  – Forever 21

Heels – Forever 21 ( That is , if you really like to torture yourself )

Bag – Primark London ( Only 6 Pounds 😀 )

Photography – Ashish Photography


Little Black Dress ? What.

“ Should I really be trusting a Little Black Dress that leaves glitter trails behind?”

All that Glitters…Leaves Glitter. !?

No but for real , Lipsy London has taken the quote “Leave Sparkles everywhere you go” very seriously. What I am trying to say here is that :

My dress sheds Glitter.

My Little Black Dress Sheds Glitter

(When I sit , when I walk , when I by mistake touch it , when I touch my hair , Basically every time I try to live my life by using my human motor skills)

And might I Add that it came with a legit warning tag that said that it would do so.

And now that I have sort of finished my rant about that lets move on.

I was on the hunt for a new Little Black Dress when I came across this dress on Koovs , and what was the best part about this dress was that it was for 1500 Rs on sale , when its original price is actually 5000. Rs. ( Cha Ching ! )

I would have never bought it for that price 😛 Ever.

And just think about it, a Dress that costs 5000 sheds glitter ?

Ummmm. Hello. WHY.

The cut, the fit , the color ( Which is more dark grey than black ) , The Fabric all are great but…. .the Glitter.

*The Glitter ( Refer to the paragraph above to understand the frustration I have going on here 😛 )

Everything Else in this outfit is as simple as it can be. The black shoes , and no accessories (because Glitter 😛 ) . This is what I like to call , The Drunk little Black dress 😛 The dress looks amazing in the photos and even in person but the shedding glitter is a huge minus that I am not being able to ignore.

*If you have made it to this part of the post , I would like to thank you for your patience, and I would like to apologize for over saturating your reading time with the use of the GLITTER 😛 I hope it annoys you as much as it annoyed me , Haha 😛

K bye.


Dress : Lips London at Koovs. com ( Which I am sure you are super interested in after reading the Post 😛 )



Shoes : Steve Madden

Photography : Ashish Photography


Why are you wearing Heels ?

Lets talk about height for a second.

I am 5 Feet 5 inches. And I wear Heels.

I don’t wear them to look ‘Tall’. I wear heels because I LOVE to wear heels.

I often get this comment ” But why are you wearing heels, you’re so tall already”. So I just wanted to use this space to say –

Women : Tall, Short, Very tall, very short CAN and WILL Wear What ever the fuck they want .

Not to Look any certain way but because there are some of us who do it purely out of LOVE.

Moving on.

This Outfit , like my other outfits is based around one piece of clothing 😛 Which in this case are my , What I like to call ‘Optical Illusion Pants’ Haha. Color Blocking probably one of my most favourite ‘Fashion Trends’ that I have actually stuck to really 😛 and Black and white will go with literally any color. So for me to pick Pink , was a very non obvious choice because Black. Grey. White. These are the colors I would wear for the rest of my life if I could 😛

And Blue. Yes. Blue.

The heels are about 5 ish Inches high, Which makes me 5 Feet 10 Inches. But Do I Care about that ?


I care about how Bomb my Heels look when I Walk.

Amen Tresmode 😛

But does the World Care about how tall I look ?


Should they care ?

Absolutely not.

Remember. What ever the fuck we want.


Top : Stalkbuylove

Pants – Koovs 

Heels – Tresmode

Bag – Fab Alley 

Necklace- Blur Accessories


The Asus Zenfone Divas Meet – Bangalore

This event  was my first – as a blogger , as in this was the first time I was representing StyleChutney and not Vamika Sardana and it was nothing less than I had expected and the fact that there was free food made it all the more memorable 😛

So basically  the event was called the Asus Divas Meet since it was for women (Bloggers mainly ) to come together for an informal evening where the Asus team presented their very first Zenfone Selfie which is THE phone to take selfies. ( Like we needed something to boost our Narcissism 😛 )

Bangalore was their third stop after Delhi and Bombay and the event started with Komal from team Asus (India) welcoming all the bloggers and explaining a little bit about the company and its growth. She then introduced Mr. Peter Chang the M.D of Asus who gave an informal presentation about the different devices that were being launched and the features of these phones. The main focus however was the Zenfone selfie ( Because obviously 😛 )

I would not be able to comment on the actual Phone till I use it myself but it does look very very promising and the one thing that I still cannot get out of my head is the fact that it has a




After I heard this I looked at my iPhone and said ” you should be ashamed of yourself ” Haha.

13 MP is beyond amazing and I could only think how amazing my makeup would look , how flawless my skin would look or how clearly I could document the details of my clothes that get lost sometimes. Ahhhh the though in itself is very satisfying.

And then They had a surprise guest for all of us who was none other than Miss Anusha Dandekar ( If you don’t know who she is , I don’t think we can be friends anymore 😛 ) . She talked about her tips and tricks to take a good selfie , how to do ‘Photo Friendly’ Makeup and also hosted and judged a few small competitions , one of which me and my friends were lucky enough to win ( we got a cute ‘Zenny’ Pendrive. Which I have to say is the most practical gift you can give someone. (Good job Asus. )

After this was over everybody literally attacked the food as if it was nobody’s business , I mean who am I to comment I myself had 3 apple strudels 😛 and multiple helpings of the rest of the food.

I have never been able to take a good picture of my makeup, the golds and neutrals in eyeshadow  never show up on my camera but when I was trying out the camera of the phone at the event I was so impressed at the ability of the camera to pick up the true color of my eyeshadow, I could post full blown makeup shots with this phone if I wanted to and nobody would be able to tell the difference between this image and a Digital Camera image. Everything from the color and glitter in my eyeshadow to the flex of mascara on my eyelashes EVERYTHING I could see with outmost clarity. ( Including the 10 million pimples on my face 😛 )

Overall it was a great event and I am looking forward to what Asus has to offer ( And this is coming from a die-hard iPhone user, so you know it actually means something 😛 )

P.S The Photos I have taken are not that great , If only I had the Zenfone Selfie Fone . Sighs ( See what I did there 😛 Haha )


Also, A MASSIVE SHOUT-OUT to Nandini ( from www. sartorialsecrets.com ) , my friend/the person who listens to my music through my earphones/fellow makeup junkie and much more for hooking me up ! and to @asusindia for their amazing hospitality 🙂

Outfit Deets  :

Top – New look

Trousers – Noble Faith

Shoes – Steve Madden

Bag – Hidesign

Clutch on my Bag – Curtesy : My Mother.

Details about the Phone – https://www.asus.com/in/



Quite Literally My Little ( Very Little) Black Dress 😛

I do need a day time little black dress though , this has too much pizzaaazzzz for the day ( And I would feel incredibly shy 😛 )

This one happens to be from Bebe ( On sale Off course 😛 Ain’t nobody got time for 10k for one dress ) and thus fits me like Mac fits Cheese 😛

And because this is so ‘Hello, I am a very tiny , figure hugging statement dress’ I dint feel there was any need of extra accessories. That would have been way too much , and not to forget , would have made me look like something I don’t want to look like ( Wink, Wink ).

Alll Blaackkkkk eeerrrrrrthhhaaannngg.DSC_1743DSC_1744DSC_1755DSC_1756

Dress – Bebe

Shoes – Metro


Tie + Dye

I was not expecting much from the ‘Alia Bhatt for Jabong’ Collection, I was expecting it to be like any other collaboration collection – Basic and highly overpriced.

And I was Right 😛

Overpriced, yes. Basic, Not so much.

80 Percent of the time this collection is on sale , which made it easier for me to buy stuff , otherwise the clothes are nothing special really ( Especially for the price they are charging, But then Alia Bhatt’s name is attached to it maybe that’s why ). I am still waiting for that one shirt to go on sale , because I want it soonoooooooooooooo badddddd.

The shorts are from Zara, and I have been wearing them for literally 4 Years straight. No Joke. I am still looking for a pair of black high-waisted shorts that are as good as these are. They were a little expensive but I have used them so much that I feel content and not guilty that I bought them 😛 The rest of the look is pretty self-explanatory :p

The lipstick is my tried and true – Ruby Woo. DSC_1824



Parental Advisory – Explicit Content. JK.

I don’t know what I was thinking when I ordered this t-shirt really. It makes me laugh now but its kind of weird I think 😛 It’s not like I’m some resident badass that I would want a t-shirt that says ‘Parental advisory- explicit content’ I mean c’mon ! .

Obviously after I got the t-shirt I had to figure out a way to wear it ( Yes, I know it’s a t-shirt and can be worn with a pair of jeans! but I wanted to do something different #dontjudgeme 😛 ) so I paired it with a pair of paisley print pants. It does sound super random on paper I know but once I put the whole outfit together it looked really good, so good that I refuse to wear the pants and the t-shirt as separates 😛

For me this is a set, like one of those night suit sets that HAAVE to be worn together 😛 ( Grow up vamika. Grow up. )

I think it’s a great way to add some visual intrigue , with the print and the typography and the berry situation happening with the heels and the bag and the lip color. Me loves.

I was also very unsure about the pulled back pony tail but my friends convinced me to do , I do however feel that my hair should have had a little more volume in the front 😛 oh well.


Top – Faballey.com

Pants – Koovs.com

Bag – Primark

Shoes – Shopper’s Stop


The Time I Wanted to Live in My Skirt!

Recently I have been hating  jeans, trousers, Patyalas – EVERYTHING which is not a maxi dress or a skirt or a pair of shorts because it is so F*****G HOT that I absolutely cannot stand the idea of wearing jeans/jeggings or anything else. So naturally I have been obsessing over my light , easy and very breezy clothes , that I would typically wear on holiday ,  but have started wearing in day-to-day life 😛

The Top is a street purchase ( Street purchase because I got if from , god knows some small shop in Pune , that I don’t even remember the name of :P) and the skirt is from ‘Patang” and the hair. The Hair – Lets talk about it.

My hair game is a 2 on 10 , I absolutely suck at doing anything other than straightening or making a ‘Buff/puff’ ( Whatever you call it ) Buttt my roommate/friend doe.

Nayantara Thomas is the bossssssssssssss. Her hair game – 10 on 10 , so that’s who made my hair and made me look all boho . And off course the earring is from a music festival ( Don’t think it can get anymore cliche than that :P)




I have very fond memories attached to this particular top of mine. I got this from some small shop in Koregaon Park in pune specially for my first college trip to Goa. This top reminds me of Goa and all the fun we had 😀

I originally wore this with a pair of denim shorts , shorts which have disappeared from my closet 🙁 and I am still trying to find them. Sigh.

And this skirt is from Sarojini nagar 😛 I remember me and Chandu roaming in sarojini at 11 in the morning literally buying everything in our sight , which is why both of us have the same exact skirt 😛 and the price ?

*Drum Roll*


Frugal fanny alert yo !

Nothing else to say 😛 Byeeeeee.




Long time no see , old friend.

You know , I have this new-found love for all things floral/tropical print and I am myself a little shocked because , I don’t normally like floral prints and I am very much happy and content in my limited color palette of black , blue and white. I think this is a phase that I am going through and hopefully it will go down with time , because if it does not,  my parents will go bankrupt.

Believe me when I say – koovs is the best place to shop for affordable party wear clothes. They have the best range , the best accessories , the best bags , ALL OF IT and not to forget the BEST SALES.

This particular dress is also a sale bought piece ( duh , I would not have paid 2700 for it :P) and the shoes are from Shoe express on FC road in Pune. The Bag was a gift and the lips are – Tommy G liquid lipstick in ….. I have no idea what the color name is 😛 Sorry but what I do know is : That it is legit like paint, it does not come off for days 😛


Dress : Koovs.com

Shoes : Shoe Express, FC Road

Bag : Da Milano

Photography : Nayantara Thomas


Quiet Riot

By now I think I have made it very clear that I Love sale shopping. This is no normal love , this is serious love. The kind of love that makes you not buy something you really really like when you want it , because you know it is going to be on sale in a few months. Ya, Hi. That would be me. Both the Muscle Tank and skirt I wanted for 6 months straight , but I kept putting it off because I thought they were too expensive and I wanted to wait till they were on sale. AND THEN. Jabong.com solved that problem for me. Both the pieces were on , get this –  70 PERCENT OFF. So I got both obviously , and together they make the most perfect monochromatic look . The Bag belongs to Nayantara Thomas , and it was actually her idea to add red to the look to break up white and Black. ‘Love , Fear and Hope ‘


Top : Vero Moda

Skirt : Vero Moda

Bag : Nayantara Thomas

Shoes : Catwalk

Photography : Nayantara Thomas

Copyright : @stylechutney.com


Along the so called river.

I have literally worn these palazzos 100000000’s of times and I still cannot get over them. I got these from a shop in Bandra and did not really expect the quality to be so good for 6oo Rs. They don’t run color . They don’t become loose , The fabric has stayed intact for 2 years and still going strong. ( Also they are way ‘Pinker’ in person than the Photos )

The top was a gift from my cousin , on my birthday and I loooovveee it. It’s weird because NONE of my friends liked it when I bought it and that made me question my decision for a mini second but none the less I got it anyway and absolutely love it. It’s so heavy because of all the embellishments on it and so I have to tie the ‘Hanging strings’ at the back together so that there is no wardrobe mishap 😛



Top : Zara

Palazzos : Bandra

Bag : Promod

Photography : Nayantara Thomas



Women’s Day 2015

Happy Women’s Day Internet!

Today also happens to be my 22nd Birthday.

Wao 22. How time flies.

I would like to share with you what I wore on my Birthday ,( See technically I still have to wear it because I am writing this post in advance but hey 😛 I will be in Chennai on my Birthday so yes. )

You Know how sometimes you like something for your friend , and you decide to buy it for her as a gift but then you don’t and get it for yourself instead ? 😛

*My name is Vamika Sardana and I admit my crime* I Surrender.

The Jumpsuit and I are made for each other.

So are the earrings , they are this iridescent fabulous mermaid green color and the pink of the jumpsuit and the green together – I CANT EVEN.


Jumpsuit – Koovs.com

Earrings Forever 21

Photography – Nayantara Thomas

*Copyright www.Stylechutney.com*


Saree 101.

I honestly feel , there is no sexier outfit than a saree.

It looks great on everybody, Shows just the right amount of skin and is looks flattering at any age .There have been times where I have chosen to wear a saree over suits because I love it so much. I also do not understand girls who say ” I don’t wear sarees , its for mothers and aunties” I mean seriously 😐

In my college , during our annual fest we have a ‘Traditional Day’ where everyone very happily wears sarees  ( Even though we literally wear it for an hour , take pictures , change back to our normal clothes and go to class 😛 ).

This year was my last Traditional Day and I know I will miss this opportunity a lot from next year onwards 🙁  so I decided to share the loveliness of all my friends and their beautiful sarees here.DSC_0102DSC_0113

Nayantara Thomas / Pocahontas/Sucker for anything Blue, Green or both wore a Cotton Silk Saree with a Brocade Blouse.DSC_0106DSC_0159

Bhakti Shah / Software Nerd / Sucker for all things Butter and Cheese wore a Pure cotton traditional ikat style saree.

DSC_0105DSC_0117Preeti Sandhir / Dr who Fanatic / Sucker for all things cranberry and cranberry wore a light weight red chiffon saree.  DSC_0036DSC_0038

Devanshi Shah / Hyperactive Bee / Sucker for all things romantic and mushy wore a geometric print cotton silk saree.DSC_0104DSC_0140DSC_0096

Gauri Arora / Best Accessories always / Sucker for all things food wore a Long solid color kurta and an hand painted batik silk dupatta ( Hello, talent )

Some More Pictures from the same day :



London , Bournemouth , Bath and Cambridge

I took with me a suitcase which was the size of a Queen size bed , it was completely filled with my clothes , So much that I did not even have space to put my toothbrush in it.

I overpacked thinking ” Oh , I am gonna wear all these untouched high fashion pieces I have in my wardrobe and take 20,0000 pictures and strut on the streets of london like a character from a Sex and the City.

*Cuts to Reality*

Temperature : 0 to 4 Degrees (Max)

Clothes I wore : 3 Jackets. ( That I repeated for 9 days )

Layers : 6 layers. Everyday.

Shoes : Uggs. Every single day. For 9 Days.

Side Note :  I was stupid enough to think I could walk in block heel boots that I got from bandra  – The Heel broke the very first day. Had to buy uggs. #storyofmylife.

My friends also make a special appearance in this post , they looked super chic the entire time ( While I looked like a homeless haggard *Bhakti references* ) and Annie even wanted a solo featurette on the blog but we couldn’t shoot unfortunately. oops.

P.S – All the names mentioned in this post are of my dear friends – Anushka ( Annie ) , Chandrika and Bhakti.Also I have to mention that this was probably the BEST vacation I have had in my 21 years of existence. And I would like to thank Annie , and Chandu for making it beyond what i expected it would be :*

DSC_0907DSC_0935DSC_0979DSC_0906DSC_1241DSC_1244 2DSC_1246DSC_1247DSC_1249DSC_1250DSC_1253DSC_1254DSC_1260DSC_1283DSC_1350



The time i was Bappi Lahri

This entire post revolves around that gold necklace that reminds me of Bappi Lahri.  Haha , I cannot even take this post seriously anymore.

Also , Can we take a moment and appreciate the fact that I wore a kurta as a top 😛

I shall begin with the shorts , which belong to my dear Friend/Roommate/Pocahontas – Nayantara Thomas. I sort of kind of made her buy these shorts when we had to go to Goa , and even then she thought they were too short and she still thinks it’s too short but I loooovvee them 😛 We have been sharing these for 2 years now 😛

The top which is actually a kurta that I got stiched myself , The fabric is Lucknow Chickankari and I got the Paisleys in the fabric highlighted with tube embroidery.

And then obviously the necklace is what makes this look Bappi Lahri-esque ( And maybe the lipstick also ). I would have never bought the necklace if it was not on 80 Percent off in Vero moda – Yes. 80 Percent. I got it for 100 rs. ( Along with 4 other necklaces that I got for 100 bucks each . YAASSSSSS. BWAHAHA)



Happy New Year


Nothing more to say in this post.

To anyone reading this : Have fun ! and enjoy your year to the fullest 😀

(Shortest post of all time)




Jumpsuit – Koovs.com

Bag – Vero moda

Shoes – Metro


Biker , What ?

The only thing that is coming to my mind right now is – Harley Davidson 😛 Haha Ya right. As if that will happen.

I think its one of those stereotypes that we have , you know : Denim + Leather = Biker Chic. orrrrrr A horrible mess. ( I am glad it did not turn up like that later ).

I have had –

This jacket for the 1 year , and have worn it 1 time. ( Thought it’s too hot for Pune weather )

This dress for 8 months and have never worn it. ( Thought it looked like a Kurta )

These boots for 5 months and never worn it. ( Thought it will make me look like a cowboy )

This Bag for 5 Months and never worn it.(Thought nothing , just didn’t use it )


This look has to be my second favourite look , after the ‘Winter Winter’ look. I was not expecting it to turn up as well as it did , and now that it has I am very excited to wear this during the holidays 😀 It is very common in the sense that , it has denim , and leather and boots, elements which work wonderfully together. But it is somehow not too mainstream and ‘Grunge’ ( If that makes sense to anyone reading this). It is still very put together and polished.


Dress : Koovs.com

Jacket : Adidas Neo

Bag : Colaba Causeway

Shoes : Linking Road , Bombay

Photography : Preeti Sandhir


Winter Winter

If you looked at my wardrobe in one go , you would probably think I am a Goth. ( No seriously. ) . The amount of ‘Dark’ Clothes I own , is ridiculous.

I gravitate towards deep blues , greys , blacks , deep purples , etc. Right now I am loving that deep red/burgundy color and already have 4 things in that color ( *Closes eyes* ). I am the kind of person who will wear these deep dark colors over the happy pinks , oranges and yellows EVEN in the summers. ( I don’t even own one single yellow coloured clothing item, I just hate that color on me ).

Needless to say , this is my current favourite look. I have worn this look , as is over 3 times already , and I am pretty sure I am going to still wear it a lot during the following months.

What I really like about this outfit is that , it can be toned down or glammed up, depending on your mood really. It is a very comfortable , easy to wear look that will suit everyone. This particular instance I decided to glam it up a little bit , with the high heels and the sequin tank , but this combination can be very well-worn with a plain black tank and flats , and it will still look fab.

DSC_0530DSC_0537DSC_0541DSC_0542DSC_0543DSC_0545 2

Top – Turquoise , Goa

Shirt – Forever 21

Jeans – Dyed an old pair of white Jeans.

Bag – Mango

Ring – Street Shopping in Udaipur

Shoes – Catwalk



I don’t know how to begin 😐

Okay got it.

I am going to begin by talking about the difference of the clubbing culture in Pune and Bombay : Clubbing in Bombay is a BIG DEAL. It is as if it’s a part of people’s regular routines to go clubbing on Wednesdays or Saturdays. Pune on the other hand is very low-key about its clubbing scene , There are only a few clubs and people in Pune would rather spend time chilling and drinking in a place like High Spirits or The Hidden place.

I guess , it’s because of living in Pune for the past 4 years , my ‘idea of a night out’ has changed. It is more “Let’s go out to eat than let’s go partying”. This is precisely the reason why when I go to bombay , and go out clubbing , I go into a bit of a culture shock , because I don’t get why it is so important to dress in proper club wear ( a.k.a short , skin tight dresses ) , wear high heels ( That by the end of the night , have to be taken off anyway) , wear over the top makeup and accessories to go – Drinking and dancing 😐

But I do it anyway. Because even though it’s a long , stressful process to get dressed , be ‘club appropriate’ and all that jazz , it is also a whole lot of fun . It is very different for me because I live a hostel and I have legit never gone out clubbing in Pune ( Because Curfew 😐 ) so when I get the chance to be all fancy , I take it. That’s when the chilled out me goes in , and the crazy over the top me comes out.

Clubbing was the only thing I had in mind when I got this dress , because let’s be real – Ain’t no body got time to wear a flesh color skin-tight mini dress to dinner 😛 .

To make it a little more ‘Appropriate’ I added a kurta ( Ka Sha by Karishma Shahani Khan – Stunning , Stunning , Stunning. ) , which I have used as a jacket , Peep Toe heels and lots of blush toned highlighter.


Dress – Busy Bee , Koregaon Park , Pune.

Jacket – Ka Sha by Karishma Shahani Khan

Shoes- GK(I) – M-Block Market

Photography – Preeti Sandhir

P.S – Excuse the crazy faces , i was just in that zone 😛



Karishma Shahani Khan is a fabulous fashion designer , with whom I had the pleasure of interning this year.

Her label is called  [Ka][Sha] pronounced [kə][ʃə]
Her design philosophy is : Handcrafted. Sustainability. With Love from India. Story Telling. Shape Shifting. Colour Bombing. Upcycling.

This Dress is also one of her creations  ( My very first Designer Piece ),while I was interning there I saw it and fell in love with it. I tried it on , for a shoot that we had to do in the studio one day , and it was as if the dress was made for me , just me. It fit me so perfectly , I could not even imagine anyone else wearing it 😛

Next thing I know , the very next day I bought it. ( Surprise surprise 😐 )

The dress is made of organic Denim and has illustrations that were made by her printed on it , and has a low back with a diamond print on it. I love the Prints on the dress ( Graphic designer disorder I guess ) especially the ‘Katha’ Illustrations on the front. I could go on about the fit but then that would clog up my writing space 😛

I had almost forgotten about the shoes I have worn in this shoot , because I bought it a long time back but because of the peculiar color could never wear it with anything until now. The wallet and the ring are my holy grail items , I would not do without them.


Dress – Ka Sha By Karishma Shahani Khan

Bag – Hidesign

Shoes – Shoe Express , Pune

Ring- Blur Accesories

Photography – Chandrika Dhariwal

I also decided on adding pictures of other occasions where I wore this dress , one being Lakme Fashion week where Mam  ( The person in the centre , in the blue outfit ), showcased her Autumn Winter Collection and the other being NH7 Weekender.


For More Information About Karishma Shahani Khan log on to :




You know that feeling of really , really wanting something and not being able to find it ANYWHERE.

I saw this one particular purple maxi skirt somewhere online and could not get it off my mind.

I had to own it.

I was on a hunt , a serious one for months but  could not find it  anywhere – Pune , Bombay , Delhi , Jaipur – Zilch.

Ultimately , me being true to my stubborn self  did not give up and decided on getting one stitched. I was very lucky when it came to the color and fabric match , I would say it was a 95 % match. I was really sceptical about getting the shape right but I have to give props to the tailor (Who has been stitching suits for 20 years , hence the concern )

Everything else that makes this outfit is nothing to write home about.

There is a shirt with cut away sleeves , an Aztec necklace , a brown bag and golden flats. I love how the berry tones in both the key pieces look together , and how the necklace breaks it up perfectly 🙂




I can say this now , this post is and will always be the one closest to my heart. I feel immensely proud to be writing about my mothers clothes that I got to wear for my cousin’s wedding .

Me and my mom were going through ‘Potential’ shaadi clothes , and I asked my mom if she had any lehenga for me to wear , and she looked at me and said ” I have my wedding lehenga , but it’s very heavy”. She brought it out , opened it and said “here , this one”.

I looked at her and said “Are u serious?”

I was so blown away by how beautiful it was , by the work on it , by the color , by the everything! that instantly said – YES. This is it , and I want to wear it.

I could see , my mom was a little confused as to why I wanted to wear something 20 years old , but she was very happy at the same time , and she said to me “You know I have the saree I was to wear for my reception but didn’t also , you can wear that for the Shaadi ” . She brought it out and I wanted to die. I wanted to die because it was the most stunning, rich , unique Jamawar silk saree I had ever seen ( they probably don’t even make that kind anymore ). And very happily I said yes ( and danced a little bit :P)

So , I wore my mothers wedding day lehenga to the sangeet , and her reception saree for my cousin’s wedding day. ( the only thing I got made were the blouses ) . My mom was lovely enough to give me her jewellery ( wink , wink) also to accompany the clothes. I have never gotten so many compliments on what I was wearing , and to see people’s reaction when I told them that both the outfits were vintage , was very satisfying. Not to forget , that i lost sensation in my ears because of wearing all those earrings. Buuttttttt Overall I was quite the hit at the wedding ( if I say so myself haha :P)




Like most of my looks , even this time there is one piece which was somehow not working for me , which in today’s case  was that green plaid shirt which was too big for me and was rotting in my cupboard. Also because I have a horrible habit of just buying what I ike , and not thinking about how I am going to wear it ,  what  I am  going to wear it and all other types of fairly important questions.

The other piece which was an impulse buy is the jack daniels tank top  that I got from some random street in goa , purely because of the print ( wink wink ) , and so were the jooties. The bag was a gift to me  and I adore it except its very hard to open and heavy , so heavy that i definitely cannot carry it on a daily basis.

The look in itself is pretty self explanatory , its actually a good example of how 3-4 completely different things can come together and make a decent outfit.

Print + Pattern + Solid color = Fashion Buffet.

That is : Graphic Tank + Oversised Plaid Shirt + Jooties + Evening Sling Bag = What i wish maths was like in school , i would have never failed , Haha.

DSC_0548DSC_0549DSC_0552 2DSC_0554DSC_0555DSC_0557


Top : Street Shopping in Goa

Shirt : Patang  ( Phoenix Market city , Pune )

Jeans : Levi’s

Bag : Da Milano

Jootis : Jaipur


I have honestly had the most difficult putting something up with this black dress that I got from Koovs a long time back , because without a belt it looks very much like a kurta , and with a belt it just looks odd , with a jacket it looks de-structured etc etc .

BUT It was an impulse buy and I blame the amazing sale. It got the best of me.

My Dilemma was put to rest by my mother ,who wanted me to buy these indian Bandhej Jackets for winter . She took me to a Hand-loom house in Kota , Rajasthan which sells the most colourful and amazing Bandhej / Bandhini Jackets , which don’t just look great , are very warm as well.

I came back home , tried it on with the black dress and a Halo emerged on top of my head ( Atleast  I thought it did :P). I knew I had to go the Indo-Western way with this dress and the red Bandhini Jacket , so I added a gold necklace , bright purple loafers and a hand embroidered Rajasthani Bag.

This I feel could be a very modern interpretation of  an essentially traditional Outfit or a Desi Variation of the classic Little Black Dress , Whatever the eyes want to see 🙂

In the end I want to wish everyone a very very Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year 🙂



Dress – Koovs.com

Jacket – Handloom House , Rajasthan

Bag – Udaipur , Rajasthan

Loafers – Shoe Express , Pune

Photography – Preeti Sandhir



Blue Happens to be my favourite color, and I do generally deviate towards darker shades such as deep blues , purples , greys etc ,  And I love my plain T-shirts ( Just to put that out there ) , so when I saw this T-Shirt crop top at Forever 21 , I started dancing . LITERALLY.

There is nothing complicated about this look , its  a plain grey T- Shirt crop top and a pair of high waist blue shorts and a pair of grey heels . These kind of shorts look good on everybody – whether you are thin or on the heavier side , they are very flattering.

I do however have to mention that the pair of heels that I am wearing are probably the most PAINFUL heels I own , even though they are not super high , neither do they have a platform , they are at a very steep angle that causes the foot to be bent very uncomfortably  and  also are narrow from the front that squishes my toes and every time I wear them I end up with shoe bites, not to forget that I cannot wear them for more than 2 hours. They start killing my feet.

I hope Catwalk takes notes ( Sighs ) .

Also , Kudos to Ballerinas , for surving in those ballet shoes. I know I can never be one of you .

Special Mention – The GORGEOUS necklace from Koovs.com  . You are beautiful.






Top : Forever 21

Shorts : Zara

Necklace : Koovs.com

Shoes : Catwalk

Bag : Peperone @ Flipkart.com

Photography : Astha Chandna



The name of this post and the outfit reminds me of Goa , or the Osho Ashram in Pune , and very conveniently is being published one day before I leave for Goa 🙂

I got this palazzo as a gift from my roommate , and have completely over worn them because I love them so much . They are the most comfortable , light and well fit straight palazzos I have ever owned. They are made of pure Handloom cotton and have been my go to palazzos for quite some time now , however I did manage to rip them right down the middle , a month back and so can no longer wear them now. But I am positive , I will get one of these stitched as soon as I can. This post has been made in the loving memory of my favourite palazzos.



 Top : Koovs.com

Palazzos : Gifted

Bag : Street Shopping in Kashmir

Flats : Unbranded

Photography : Chandrika Dhariwal





The only thing I like about monsoons is the fact that it makes colors look too pigmented and pretty , and that I get flat light to shoot my pictures 🙂

So , I bought this skirt  months back from koovs.com but never actually wore it out because I thought nothing matched it quite like how I would want it to. My search ended one day , when I found this pink top by “Kaxiaa” ( still don’t know how to pronounce the name )  from flipkart.com. for around 500 Rs . I immediately had the entire look planned in my head.  I had not heard of the brand ” Kaxiaa” ever in my life and after going through the entire collection , found out that  other than the pink top and one other top I really did not find anything good enough , the whole collection was rather disappointing.

However I found the one top I needed for this look . The creams go with the creams and the pink is the perfect peachy pink  that provides a pop of color.

The Bag was another lucky find from Flipkart.com . It’s from a brand called ” Khoobsurati” , which makes the most amazing budget sling bags and clutches , as for the shoes , one word – Sarojini Nagar.


DSC_0922 2DSC_0931DSC_0932



Top :  “Kaxiaa” at Flipkart.com

Skirt : Koovs.com

Bag : “Khoobsurati Sling bag ” at Flipkart.com

Shoes : Sarojini Nagar , New Delhi


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