Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette – Review + Swatches

This post about the Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette is one of the most exciting ones for me because I have been waiting to share this post for what feels like forever now and I wanted to start 2016 with a Bang! Hence the new year post !

That Reminds me,

Happy New year Loveliesssssssss 😀 😀

I think anytime till the 7th of Jan is new year hence the late wish 😛

Maybelline ”The Nudes” Eyeshadow Palette  was released with Maybelline’s “Dare to Go Nude” Fall 2014 Collection. But like every other beauty product , came to India VERY VERY LATE.  There was already so much buzz about it abroad and even before it launched here in India , That I went and bought it the second it hit shelves.( and wore it within 30 minutes of purchasing it 😛 ) I wanted to be super sure about the pros and cons of this palette before writing about it so I used it for a good 2 months before writing about it. So Here Goes :


  • Super Affordable ( 900 Rs )  for 12 colors.
  • Good combination of different finishes ( Shimmers and Mattes )
  • Travel Friendly.
  • Great palette for beginners.
  • Good Mix of Neutral , Warm and cool tone colors.
  • Indian Skin Tone Friendly.


  • Pigmentation is slightly disappointing.
  • Not all colors are as creamy and pigmented , there is an issue of consistency here.
  • Not very long-lasting ( 3-4 hours without primer , 5-6 hours with primer )


Maybelline has done a great job with this palette ,  The pigmentation of some shades could have been a lot better though. The inconsistency of payoff is preventing it from being a 10 on 10 in my books. My Favourite is the Deep Bronze Gold Color , It is absolutely stunning and the most pigmented color of the palette. Go Get you some Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette!

DSC_0292Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow PaletteMaybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow PaletteMaybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

(Swatched From Left to Right : Top Row. You can notice how the second and the last shade is not pigmented )

Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

(Swatched From Left to Right : Bottom Row – Here the Third and the Last two shades are not pigmented. )

Here are some of the places online that you can get this palette :



Amazon India


Lakme 9 to 5 Matte Lipsticks: Review + Swatches

It is very hard to find good Matte Lipsticks from the drugstore , because the formula of a good matte lipstick is hard to crack.

I swear by my matte lipsticks from Mac, and I believe they make the best matte lipsticks in the market. But it’s not really easy to keep buying lipsticks which cost 1450 a piece.

The lakme ones are hands down the best affordable matte lipsticks in the market right now. I have to thank my mom because I discovered these in her makeup drawer and have purchased 4 since 😛

Lakme has done a brilliant job with these and I highly recommend you try these out.

Like Right now. ( If the product itself wont temp you , maybe the rose gold packaging will :P)


  • Extremely affordable ( Rs 400 , a piece ! )
  • Nicely Pigmented
  • Gives a moisture Matte Finish , Does not dry out the lips ( *Coughs* Ruby Woo * Coughs* ) – Whad up Hum apace Hain Kaun Reference! Also Lilly Singh reference 😛
  • Wide Shade range
  • Sturdy Packaging
  • Decent Staying power ( Depends on what you Eat )


  • Does not really last 9 to 5 😛 (Small complaint though )

Overall – GO BUY THIS LIPSTICK. You will not regret it.

I would Like to specially mention the Shade ” Scarlet Drill ” and “Red Chaos “ – These are the BEST neutral Brownish Red colors for Indian Skin tone , an amazing color for those who have slightly darker lips like me.  The other ones I have are “Red Coat” which is a beautiful shade of Deep Red and “Pink Bureau” Which is a muted Mauvish Pink.


From Left : “Scarlet Drill” and “Red Chaos” ( They are very similar shades , with Scarlet Drill Being more r”red” than Red Chaos )


Scarlet Drill is a very pretty ‘Brick meets Brown meets Red’ Color and will look good on everyone. “Red Chaos” is a very similar shade but has more Brown in it.


Swatched ( From Left ) – “Scarlet Drill” and “Red Chaos”

You can get these Here :

 Lakme India

If you have any other recommendations for good Drugstore Matte Lipsticks , do let me know , I would love to save some money 😛

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The Best Wedding Season EyeShadow Palette !

Attending a Shaadi , is as big a tension as getting married itself !

What do I wear , what do I buy , where do I get my hair done from , What makeup do I use , Will I end up looking like everyone else, Will I be able to walk in my saree and dance in my lehenga?

These are some of the questions that an average wedding attendee asks herself ( Average Wedding Attendee here being me :P) I Have been doing my own makeup for wedding s for about 5 years now , so by now I know what works and what doesn’t but what I see many people struggle with is makeup, because not everyone wants to spend on a makeup artist to do their makeup or spend on very expensive makeup for one time usage , you know what I mean? ( Whats up sonam Kapoor reference 😛 )

The following two eyeshadow palettes and the whole range really from Studiowest is quite cracking ( Studio west is westside’s inhouse makeup brand , they have two versions of it :

Pure Passion; with its lightweight textures, vibrant hues and flawless finishes encourages women to experiment with makeup and reinvent their look.

Maaya; with its gorgeous shimmer textures, dazzling hues, is perfect to add glamour to all your special occasion.

) .

I bought 2 Trios from the range , one being the nudes ( ‘Daytime Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette’)  and the other one contains the brights ( ‘Bombay Jewels Eyeshadow Palette’ )  and the following is the breakdown :


  • Very Affordable ( Rs 395 for 3 colors )
  • Highly Pigmented
  • Great Color Payoff
  • Very Nice color combinations in the trios
  • Works really well with all indian skin tones
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Lots of product ( Value for money as the eyeshadow pans are bigger )


  • Not as Long Lasting as I would like them to be ( Without Primer )
  • Some of the nudes look different in the pan and swatch different . ( The blush tones are almost silver on the eye lid which is weird)
  • Have a little Fallout
  • The Blue is slightly crumbly and is relatively chalky.
  • The Brush ( Sigh )


Go Buy them! They are perfect for the shaddi season! The color palettes are beautiful and because they are affordable you can buy more than one without burning a hole in your pocket 😛

My Favourite is the Mossy gold green in the Brights palette 😀 And I am Waiting to get my Hands on the ‘GoldMine’ Eyeshadow Palette’ Because I have a wedding to attend 🙂


Swatches of the ‘Daytime Neutrals’ Palette

( It is the Perfect Neutral Palette for Everyone with light shimmery shades for All of the lid . The champagne Color will work well for night time also )

Swatches of the ‘Bombay Jewels’ Palette

( The Moss Green is a Different Alternative to Gold and the Blue is for Black. This is a great Festive Night time Palette )

All of the Colors Swatched Together


Bourjois Liner Feutre – 11 Noir – Review

This liner costs 950 Rs.

Just wanted to get that out-of-the-way first :P.

950 is a loooootttttttt of money for One EYELINER. I mean c’mon ! But did that stop me from buying it. No. ( Shamefully crawls into a hole and dies ) you would think that if you’re spending that kind of money on something it would be some kind of eyeliner made by the gods right? Umm no. This has to be hands down , one of the most disappointing , over expensive eyeliner that I have ever tried. I think pointers will explain how I feel about this situation better : PROS :

  • Super super Black.
  • Easy to Apply because of the pen style.
  • Good enough wear time.


  • DRIES AWAY SO QUICKLY. ( My entire pen dried up in 1.5 months )
  • THE OTHER ‘ULTRA BLACK’ EQUIVALENT IS GIMICKY. ( I don’t think anyone would want a liner the size of a fat sketchpen 😐 )
  • NOT AT ALL WORTH THE MONEY. ( You can get 3 Maybelline or colorbar ones for 950 Rs. )




The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder- Review

Body shop as a ‘Makeup’ Brand has not impressed me yet , I can actually pick the two products from them that are absolutely mind-blowing – One is their shimmer cubes palette and the other is THIS.

I hereby present : The Best ( Kind of affordable, but not really 😛 ) Matte Bronzer in the market. ( Well atleast till I find one that I like Better than this 😛 )

For anyone who is wondering what a bronzer is , it is a powder or a cream color that is used to warm up the complection of the skin or to sculpt the face ( Hola! Contouring )

Let us Begin!

PROS ( And I could go on, and on. and ON ) :

  • Amazing texture , Does not get chalky what so ever.
  • Great Neutral tone Color.
  • Very easy to blend.
  • Stays on very well on the skin.
  • MATTE.
  • Does not dry out , already dry skin ( Ahem ahem )
  • Cute Packaging.
  • Wide Color selection. ( Especially good for indian skin tone )


  • Mine fell and BROKE. ( I am still recovering from the heart attack that gave me )
  • Priiiccccceeyyyiissshhhhh. (Rs 1395 )
    I’ts expensive! but its worth every single penny you spend on it. Seriously.

Overall :


Get up.

Get up NOW.


P.S – Many times this is on sale ! so keep an eye on it and buy it in the sale !

Here is the link –



Beauty UK Eye Shadow Palette ( Soho ) – Review + Swatches

Say Hello , to ‘Looks like a Dream from far Away’ but an ‘Absolute Nightmare up close’ Palette.

I got this palette in my ‘Fab Bag’ and was beyond excited when I saw it , but I was devastatingly ( is that even a word ? Never mind )  disappointed when I used it. I am just going to let the following speak for itself 🙁

Let’s start with the cons first on this one :


  • NO PIGMENTATION WHAT SO EVER. Only 3 out of the 10 had some amount of pigment in them, the other 7 – Trash.
  • Very Chalky.
  • The shimmer does not translate on to the eyes. AT ALL.
  • Difficult to Blend.


  • Very Affordable ( Rs 500 )
  • Travel Friendly Packaging

Overall – Do not purchase this. Okay, maybe the other alternatives such as  the ‘Earth Child’ palette or any other is better than this colourful one but based on just this palette I would never buy this product again . The only plus is the price other than that I do not see any point of this. Sowwie 🙁



Currently Loving : Scents

Welcome ! to this new feature that I am very happy to announce 😀

‘Currently Loving’ is going to be a monthly feature where I will talk about the products/people/places/things that I have been currently loving 😀 and this first post is going to be about Scents.

Let us Begin :

1. Elizabeth Arden – Green Tea Honeydjhsjhdksdada 

If Heaven came in a bottle , this would be it.

By the name you would think its gross , because of the green tea but that is what makes this scent so unique. It’s so fresh and light and perfect for summer . I hate smelling musty and like overly strong and this is the exact opposite of that which I love. Perfect Summer scent . LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. This is pretty high-end but totally worth every single penny.


2. The Body Shop – Amazonian Wild Lilly Body Mist

This one is definitely stronger than the Elizabeth Arden one, It is more ‘spiked’ . Has a peculiar strong fresh smell which is a mix of floral and fruity notes. It has the right amount of sweetness and ‘spiciness’ if that makes sense 😛


3. Bath and Body Works – Country Chic Fragrance Mist

Probably the most difficult to explain out of the 4 . It has a sweet scent but it is not overly sweet , very fruity and fresh. This smells very ‘Young and vibrant’ . I know these are not typical words you would use to describe a scent but it’s so hard! to explain a scent in writing. ARGGH.


4. Bath and Body Works – Vermont Honey Apple Body Lotion

This is the perfect warm scent for the summer. It smells incredible. I love it because I love fruity scents and this is an apple scent * DIES*. Need I say  anything more ? . This would ideally be best used with the matching body scrub but I could not find it anywhere 🙁 . If you like warm and winter like scents throughout the year this is made for you.



Skincare By Forest Essentials – Impressions

Honestly , I still have to get on to the ‘Forest Essential Lovers’ Bandwagon because I find these products really expensive and I don’t know if I’m ready to spend so much money on face wash yet 😛

So to give these a try , I got one of those gift Packs so that I could get a jist of products and not spend on individual big size ones. This Impressions post will be a little different , I will not be mentioning the pros and cons of each product, because I don’t think I know enough about these products to clearly judge them as of now. Let us Begin :

*Disclaimer* I absolutely HATE anything that smells too ‘Ayurvedic’ or ‘essence-y’ If you know what I mean so just alone by those standards I am a little iffy about these products because all of them smell very pungent and Ayurvedic , which is not my cup of tea.

1. The Facial Toner :

The toner , smells straight up of rose. EW. I hate , hate , hate anything that smells , feels or looks like rose 😛 So Once I ignored the smell , the actually product is really good. It is very light and feels really nice on the skin . This can be used as mixing liquid for uptans, as an eye mask or as a clear base before you put your makeup on. I mainly used it for that purpose. It does make makeup sit better on the skin , and works really well throughout the day to freshen up the face. It does not leave oil and is long-lasting also.

Price – Rs 1125 for 200 ml

2. The Delicate Facial Cleanser :

*The smell again…aarrrrgghhh*

The best part about this is that the smallest amount goes a long way because it is gel based and is very very soft on the skin , probably because of all the natural ingredients used to make it. I did notice a change in my skin after using this , because this removes the dirt particles and oil deposit on my face. It is very smooth and does not leave the skin dry at all which I love 🙂

Price – Rs 975 for 200 ml

3. The Walnut Scrub :

This would have to be my stand out product from the lot , because it suited my skin immediately and i could see the difference in my black head and white head situation in  like 3 washes . It is very mild and the scrub is not at all scruffy. It does not leave the skin un-moisturised and dry like other scrubs ( And my skin is very dry , and this still manages to not leave my skin in a dry state 😛 Yaaaasssss) . This does not have any pungent smell to it like the other products *tears of joy* . Out of all the products I will definitely re purchase this-FULL SIZE.

Price – Rs 995 for 50 gm

4. The Facial Cream :

The consistency is a little flimsy I felt. This is a good product for people with dry skin, because it moisturises but does not leave any residual oil on the skin and does not feel heavy on the skin. Its rich and soft at the same time BUT I did not really notice any difference in my skin, and it does not have any long-lasting effect on the skin. Honestly , I feel like this is like any other moisturizer.

Price – Rs 1000-1500 for 200 ml

5. The Kerala Lime Glaze Lip Balm :

The worst out of everything. It bleeds out , and in heat starts melting off very quickly and I don’t like the fact the I have to keep double dipping my fingers to use the product. The only redeeming qualities for me was the fresh tangy scent of the lip balm and that this can be used as a night-time leave in balm for chapped lips, it works well like that.

Rs 600 for 5 gm



Best Concealer + Powder Combination

I have not been a fan of the Revlon colorstay foundation so I was apprehensive about the concealer as well , but the concealer has very pleasantly surprised me . So much so that I am going today to repurchase it 🙂 It is best suited for those who have yellow under tones *Raises Hand* because it has only 2 shades available and both have a yellow undertone, which makes it the perfect concealer of me.

The Powder is brought to me by Tanya Burr , She is a very famous beauty guru on Youtube and I have been following her for quite some time now , and she swears by it. Even though I have dry skin , I still do not like my skin to look dewy and for that I have to use a powder to set my foundation and concealer. This powder does exactly that without making my skin feel heavy or cakey. And the best part it costs only Rs 200!


  • Creamy , easy to blend
  • Good staying power
  • Medium coverage
  • Does not crease


  • Pricey – 800 Rs. WHY. I do not understand why indian drugstore brands are uping their prices? Like are you competing with Mac? Whats going on?
  • Only 2 shades available , both yellow tones.


  • Cheap – Voila! 200 Rs
  • Great shade selection available
  • Very Long lasting and does not let any oil show through
  • Smooth and lightweight


  • Weak Packaging
  • Does not come with sponge or brush
  • Might be to matte for someone with already dry skin.

OVERALL – These two together are a match made in heaven. These two together guarantee long-lasting coverage and matte skin. GOO GETT YOU SOMEE.




Let us all take a moment of silence for my Patience – Which went out the window because this product has hands down the MOST FRUSTRATING PACKAGING EVER.

so , what is this product ?

The Body Shop – Shimmer brick is a palette of 4 shimmer eyeshadows that can be mixed and matched around to create different looks . They cost about 1600 Rs ( Mooooollaaahh 😛 ) and come in  4 to 5 variants. Let us begin the breakdown –

Pros :

  • Good Pigmentation
  • Easy to carry around
  • Good amount of product
  • Choice of shades
  • Very Shimmery
  • Finely Milled , Not too chunky

Cons :

  • Pricey ( 1600 for 4 eyeshadows is a bit too much )
  • Frustrating Packaging , takes a lot of time to open and close
  • Too shimmery , and no matte shades

Overall : I think this is a great product , but it is pricey which makes me think weather or not it is worth the money, 1600 Rs is a lot of money for a palette of 4 eyeshadows. The fact that there is no matte shade also bothers me a little bit , but then its a product designed to have only shimmer colors so I get it . This is a stand out product from body shop for me and if you are looking to invest in a one full on glam party eye palette go for this one . Some variants might not look that great on indian skin tone though.

Will I be repurchasing it ? – No, because I already have 2 and have no intentions of spending that money on the same thing again, also because i don’t think the other variants will suit my squinting.



Part 2 !

1. Eyeshadow Basics :

Final_eye pic

2. Blush Basics :instagram pic_blush pic

3. How to find the Right Red for you ?

instagram pic_lip pic


Hello Internet , long time no see 😛

So this post is quite different from my usual posts ,  Actually this post and the upcoming post is a part of my ongoing college project that I am working on. The topic I have chosen is ‘Increasing awareness about makeup’ ( I know it sounds like a very serious issue , but trust me it is. )

For that I have come up with  Infographical posters of the basics of makeup and also related videos.

The videos will be up in the next post 🙂 Enjoy !

1. How to find your undertone ?

instagram pic_Udertone pic

2. Basis for Good Foundation ?

instagram pic_foundation basic pic

3. Types of Foundation ?

instagram pic_guide pic

For corresponding videos : – How to find your undertone. – Basis for good Foundation.


Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links Eyeshadow – Review + Swatches

Today I shall be talking about a fairly old product , these were launched last year around this time but I bought them much later and hence the review is coming much later. So , Revlon came out with Single eyeshadows that you can pick and choose to create your own palettes. These come in 20 colors and  a variety of finishes such as matte, shimmer and metallic. I Bought three – ‘Plum’ which is Matte , ‘Java’ which is Shimmer and ‘Gunmetal’ which is Metallic. First off , out of the 20 shades that they have apparently come out with , when you actually go to the shops to buy these , they don’t have more than 5 available or in my case only 4. They are 175 Rs a pop and can be linked , as in hooked together to make a single stack. PROS :

  • Affordable.
  • Decent Pigmentation.
  • Easily available.
  • Fine shimmer particles.
  • Easy to customise your palette.


  • Low staying power.
  • Have Fallout.
  • The packaging is not very sturdy ( 2 of mine completely crumbled ).
  • The entire collection is not available anywhere which makes it very hard to make a palette because the colors available do not match one another.
  • The texture is slightly dry and some are hard to blend ( Java Particularly )

OVERALL : There is no doubt that these are affordable shadows and the quality is definitely above average but for me personally I found it very hard to make my own palette , because more than half the shades are not available anywhere ( Pune , Delhi , Mumbai , Chandigarh = Nada ) and they do have fallout and are sometimes hard to blend. I am all the more not very happy because 2 of mine completely crumbled , i don’t even know how , so overall I think you could give these a go because they have very pretty colors but I would rather buy the Maybelline eye shadow palette or the quad from revlon itself. DSC_0706DSC_0702DSC_0717DSC_0719DSC_0718DSC_0721

From left to Right ‘Plum’ , ‘Java’ , ‘Gunmetal’


Accessorize Masquerade Palette – Review + Swatches

In the UK , Accessorize is an affordable brand. (Apparently.)

In India. It is highly overpriced. ( One clutch for 4000 Rs : seriously )

The makeup is no different , it is off course cheaper than the other stuff but it is still very much overpriced I feel and that is why I asked for this palette as a birthday gift from my friends so I wouldn’t have to pay for it 😛 (bwahahaha cheeeaappppp, i know )

The palette contains :

  • 16 Eyeshadows.
  • 3 Blushes.
  • 1 Bronzer.
  • 1 Pressed Face Powder.

The Eyeshadows :

  • Not all of them are pigmented , some of them are really chalky ( especially the matte shades ).
  • Shimmer shadows are really nice and easy to blend.
  • Good enough staying power.
  • Stunning Packaging.
  • Big Mirror Inside.
  • There are only 2 Blending colors so that’s a nay. Overall the colors are nice but slighty random together.

The Blushers :

  • Very Pigmented.
  • Easy to Blend.
  • Limited lasting Power though.

The Bronzer :

  • Has shimmer through it , so not my ideal bronzer because I like Matt bronzers but nice if you like shimmer in your bronzer.

The Pressed Powder

  • Meh.
  • Very Light Color , will not match most indian skin tones.

Overall :

  • This Palette would make a great gift ( hello , pretty looks )
  • I would Prefer the Nudes palette to the masquerade one ( Better Color selection )
  • There are better palettes available for 1600 Rs. ( Make up revolution , Revlon)
  • AND THE PANS FALL OUT.DSC_0565DSC_0571DSC_0564DSC_0573DSC_0574DSC_0576DSC_0579DSC_0580DSC_0582

P.S – I know my hand is supppppeeerrr dry and looks horrible and dark and the bronzer and some eyeshadows are missing. YOKES. MOVING ON.



Colorbar Single Eyeshadows – Review + Swatches

Colorbar I feel is the line of difference between say , a loreal and a lakme ,in the sense that it is not too cheap , nor is it too expensive. I have tried quite a few products from them , and the one that I have repurchased a couple of times is their liquid eye liner, and the one  I am currently obsessing over is their full cover makeup stick ( Review soon ).

As for this post 😛 It is about their single eyeshadows.

The eyeshadows are very pigmented , soft and easy to blend. There are color variants available , but for me personally the warmer colors such as : Spicy Brown , Potters Clay , Proudly Purple ( Not really a warm color but anyway :P) are gorgeous. ( I did notice that they have slightly ripped off MAC’s Eyeshadow names and also the packaging , yikes 😛 )

Moving on :

I have Mine in ‘Potter’s Clay ‘ which is a Muted Dull Brown and ‘Black Tie’ Which is a Shimmery Black.


  • Pigmented.
  • Affordable ( Rs 300 – 350 each , you might even get it at 25o at some sites ).
  • Very Wearable range of colors.
  • Creamy Texture , easy to blend.
  • Good Staying Power.
  • No over baring glitter.
  • Do not crease.


  • ‘Black Tie’ specifically is not very smooth , ends up being Flaky.
  • Glitter might not be for everyone.
  • The applicator is useless 😐

Overall : These are great quality affordable eyeshadows , they should make their way into your makeup bags I say 😛



The Blush Breakdown.

Hello Internet ,

Today I shall be talking about blushes , from 3 different companies : Bodyshop , Maybelline and lakme , I am going to keep this short and to the point so here goes –

1. Bodyshop All -in-One Cheek color in ‘Macaroon’ ( True Peach color  ) and ‘Cherryade’ ( Berryish Plum color )

Pros :

  • Very Pigmented.
  • Highly Blendable.
  • Very Nice Variety Available.
  • Finely Milled , hardly any specks of glitter which is always a Plus.

Cons :

  • No Lasting power which is very irritating.
  • Expensive ( Rs 795 each )

Overall : These are good blushes , but do not last for a very long time and are expensive so it is best to buy these when they are on sale ( Rs 395 ) Which is what I did.


2.  Maybelline Cheeky Glow in ‘Cinnamon’ ( Peach with brown undertones )

Pros :

  • Affordable ( Rs 250-275 ).
  • Blendable , Smooth.
  • Decently Pigmented.
  • Almost Matt finish ( Tiny specks of Glitter ).

Cons :

  • Very few shades available. ( Only 3 to be precise )
  • Limited lasting power.

Overall :

This is one of the most affordable , good quality blushes to own. I am definitely going to purchase more shades.


3. Lakme Absolute Cheek Chromatic Baked Blush in ‘Day Blushes’ ( Pink with shimmer )

Pros :

  • Helpful Packaging ( Comes with a small Tutorial Slip ).
  • Sheer , but buildable ( Good for beginners ).
  • Good Variety of shades.
  • Okay Pricing ( Rs 500-550 )
  • Decent Staying power.
  • Very ‘Wedding’ Appropriate Blush.

Cons :

  • Not Matt ( Me personally , I don’t like blushes with shimmer in it , as it can look choppy on the cheeks , but for anyone who likes shimmer this is great )
  • Not very pigmented hence multiple applications are required to build the color.
  • Shimmer could have been smaller and more finely milled.

Overall :

This is a really good blush for anyone who likes shimmer , and blushes that are on the sheer-er side , It will look good both in the day and night and is very appropriate for weddings and other indian occasions.



Final Verdict –

For me personally , the Maybelline one wins hands down , because I like blushes that are matt-ish with just the right amount of sparkle to them plus it is a great value for money product.

The second would have to be the Body Shop ones , because they are super pigmented and the color range is amazing , even though they are the most expensive ones out of the three.

The lakme one is a good blush for , like I said earlier who anyone who likes shimmer in their blushes. It is not my ideal blush but there is no denying that as a product its a good one.

P.s – The photos are not on point in this post . yikes.

Happy Blushing !



Rimmel Appocalips – Review

Hello Internet !

Today I shall be ranting about  ‘The Show Off Lip Lacquers by Rimmel’ and by rant I mean explaining to you why you need this product in your life.

This for one is not a new product , but it is fairly new to the indian market since Rimmel itself was launched last year. I had read many rave reviews and was very much aware about the cyber world freaking out over these lip Lacquers , and so I bought them. OB-VI-OUS-LY.

So , what this is , is a lip stick meets lip gloss meets liquid lipstick . It goes on like a very pigment and strong lip gloss but dries clear of any gloss and sets to a semi matt-ish finish. The rest is as follows :


  • Creamy Texture , very smooth.
  • Not that expensive (450 Rs  but worth every single penny).
  • Long wearing.
  • Not Sticky at all.
  • AMAZING Color Payoff.
  • Smells like watermelon ( Ahhhhh. ) Fruity I mean 😛
  • Sturdy Packaging.
  • Easy to Apply ( Doe-Foot Applicator )
  • Does not Bleed.
  • Not Drying.


  • Transfers , unless you blot.
  • Not all shades will suit Indian skin tones.
  • Not easily available.

I Have these in two shades :

1. 400 Big Bang – True , Bright Red.

2. 101 Celestial – Muted , Brown Undertone Pink.

DSC_0796DSC_0801 2DSC_0803DSC_0807DSC_0810DSC_0812From the Left : Celestial , Big Bang.

The Swatches in the Pictures are literally ONE SWIPE of the product.

OVERALL – This is an example of a product which is worth all the hype . You need this in your life.


Makeup Revolution Ultra Eyeshadows Flawless Palette Review.

The brand Makeup Revolution has taken the beauty world by storm over the past few months, and it’s not hard to see why when they sell palettes containing 32 eyeshadows that cost just 1500 Rupees. I Knew it was a british brand and I was more than excited to buy their products , when my London trip got finalised EEXXCCCEEPTTT —–>I FOUND THE BRAND ON JABONG.COM AT A FLAT 50 PERCENT OFF  and like a true makeup hoarder , ordered things ( 😛 ) The eyeshadow palettes from this brand are phenomenal. There is a wide , wide WIDE VARIETY and there is pretty much a palette for everyone. Whether you like cool tones or warm tones or both, you name it. They have it – Without having to sell your soul to buy it. When I saw the Flawless palette, I was just in shock ( more like a Coma ).  All the colours are a mixture of neutrals, which are my kinda shades .There are 32 eyeshadows in the palette, with a combination of mattes, shimmers and glitters. Pros :

  • Long Wearing.
  • CHEAP. ( You can not go wrong for 1400 rs for 32 Shadows  , I got mine at 850 )
  • Different Finishes in one palette.
  • Easy to Blend.
  • Creamy Texture.
  • Great Color selection .
  • Large Full Size Mirror.
  • Rose Gold Packaging ( Always a pro 😛 )
  • Very Pigmented.
  • Day to Night Shades.

Cons :

  • Certain Shades have Fallout. ( Black Tie , Blue , Angel )
  • Some Shades not pigmented enough/Chalky ( Paper , Barely Pink )

DSC_0454DSC_0464DSC_0473DSC_0481DSC_0488DSC_0494DSC_0500DSC_0510From Left to Right – Paper , Softglow , Buff , Highlight , Angel , Unlimited , Brew , Silver Smoke. DSC_0543From Left to Right – Almost There , Undercover , Barely Pink , Lowlight , Golden Light , Gold Digger , Cheerless , Blue DSC_0544From Left to Right – Smudge , Shimmer Heart , Universal , Copper Shimmer , Medal , Darkest Shimmer , Tarnish , Black Tie     DSC_0550From Left to Right – Pure Chocolate , Raw , Red Night , Molten Chocolate , Burgundy Nights , Greeen Stars , Cafe Noir , Night. MY FAVOURITE SHADES –

  • Almost There ( Perefct Crease Color , Have already Hit Pan )
  • Smudge ( Perfect Transition Color )
  • Lowlight
  • Golden Light
  • Brew
  • Unlimited
  • Cheerless



The Perfect Red Lipstick – Mac Ruby  Woo

MAC Ruby Woo is the Queen of all red lipsticks. 

This is THE red lipstick.

It needs no introduction. It is the most beautiful , PERFECT , neutral tone matte red lipstick ( which is not too cool, not too warm ).  It will Suit ALL types of skin tones. An absolute stunner , an investment that every single person should make.

I am going to jump right into it :


  • The PERFECT Red ( Not to warm , not to cool )
  • Super Pigmented ( Very opaque )
  • Super Long Wearing ( 6 -8 Hours , you can eat , drink etc and this will not budge )
  • Matt-est Lipstick Out there.
  • Will make your teeth look whiter.
  • Does not Bleed / Transfer.
  • Will Suit ALL skin tones.


  • Very Dry ( Because of the Matte Finish , Better if you moisturise before application )
  • Expensive ( BUT , Totally worth the money )
  • Nightmare To apply ( Again , because of the finish.)

If you are on a budget and want to buy only one MAC lipstick in your lifetime, then buy MAC Ruby Woo, you will not regret it. Even if you are not a red lipstick kind of person, this lipstick will Change you.

If you still want to find a cheaper alternative to this colour then go for – Lakme 9 to 5 lipstick in ‘Red Coat’.



( Also excuse my weird faces , in the pictures 😛 )


Best Bold Lipsticks for Winter – 2014

I have been pretty late to the ‘Statement lip’ party , but I am glad I have arrived.

I have always been scared , borderline terrified of bold lip colors because I always thought they make me look like a hooker ( Irrational fears, I know ) . I only started using them now and have completely fallen in love with them. A bold lip is one very clever way of looking , polished, put together and hot 😛 – by not at all working hard , or putting on tons of makeup.

Mascara/Kajal + Red Lipstick = Instant Va Va Voom.

Now that I have completely surrendered to this trend , I have an abundance of bold lip colors ranging from reds to maroons to purples and fuchsias.

Here , in this post I have compiled the most versatile bold lip colors , that will look good on a wide range of people.

1.Lakme Absolut Creme Lipstick in – Soft Coral

It is a very shimmery , peachy coral color , with a very slight neon hint to it. It is small silver glitter flecks in it , which makes it very party appropriate.

2. Lakme Absolute Creme Lipstick in – Red Carpet ( Love , love , love the name )

Very rich deep maroon tone red , perfect for indian skin tones.


From left to right – ‘Soft Coral’ and ‘Red carpet’

 3. Colorbar Lipstick in – Hearts and Tarts 

You can tell , by the shape of the lipstick how much I have used it 😛 . A very pretty cool tone Red , which has a very nice matt finish to it.

4. Colorbar Lipstick in – Fuchsia Fix

A Cool tone deep fuchsia color , which is a great alternative to the common reds.



From left to right – ‘Hearts and Tarts’ and ‘Fushia Fix’



For some reason I associate Christmas and New Year with golds and silvers .

Too cliché? Maybe.

When I think of december I just think of dark colors and sparkle. lots of sparkle. Which is why I have curated this post. This has an accumulation of all my favourite gold tone and silver tone nail paints for this season:D

GOLDS: ( From Left to Right )

1. Maybelline Color Show – Bold Gold ( 008 ) 

The perfect metal finish , gold color . Looks like liquid gold , absolutely stunning. It is very difficult to find a semi matt metal finish nail paint , and this is exactly that. Not one for the faint hearted.

2. Faces – Bombay Lights ( 59 )

Has to my most worn gold shade , very glam. It is an out there glittery gold color that will look great even all around the year. ( sparkle,sparkle )

3. Maybelline Color Show – Buried Treasure ( 221 )

The most subtle gold of the following. Is a mix of a very dark olive-green and a hint of purple base color with  finely milled gold glitter in it.

4. Loreal Paris – Color Riche Le Vernis Special Edition in – Riviera Amethyst ( 823 )

The most drool worthy shade out of the following. ( I mean look at the packaging ) I have never seen a color like this. It is a Black color , with golden glitter through it , along with bigger copper glitter chunks. Definitely the one I will be wearing this holiday season. ( JUST LOOK AT THE CLOSE UPS)


From left to Right – Bold Gold , Bombay Lights , Buried Treasures , Riviera Amethyst



SILVERS : ( From Left to Right )

1. Maybelline Color Show – Pink Champagne ( 607 )

This one is from the Maybelline color show Glitter Mania range and is a very light pink with silver glitter through it . The Glitter Mania range has many other similar shades that will also work perfectly.

2. Faces – Stash ( 114 ) 

Love that name , haha. This is a gun-metal greenish grey color with silver glitter through it. Very chic , and perfect for those who don’t want overwhelming glitter nails

3. Lakme Color Rush – Number 20

Like Bold Gold this is also a full metal finish pure silver color , that looks like liquid metal on the nails.

4. Colorbar Nail Lacquer – Number 56 ( Exclusive )

Sibling of the faces Bombay lights nail paint. It is silver glitter in a bottle.


From Left to Right : Pink Champagne , Number 56 , Number 20 , Stash



From left to Right – Bold Gold , Bombay Lights , Buried Treasures , Riviera Amethyst ,Pink Champagne , Number 56 , Number 20 , Stash.

My Pick  –  Loreal Paris – Color Riche Le Vernis Special Edition in – Riviera Amethyst ( 823 )



Berry has been a huge trend this year . Berry lips , berry clothes , accessories everything. Like any other trend , everybody has been trying to get on the bandwagon and incorporate the color into their wardrobe / makeup / lifestyle.

My skin has a yellow undertone which makes me a ‘warm complexion’ category ) and berry lips specially are hard to pull off for me , I have been trying to find the right berry shade that suits my skin and I found two shades in the ‘Lakme Enrich Satins’ Range that compliment my skin color really well.

1. Lakme Enrich Satins – Number 129

One of them is not essentially a ‘Berry’ tone lip color , its more of a ‘Your lips but better’ color . It is hands down the most versatile lipcolor that I own , not to mention my favourite color of all time. My natural lip color is sort of dark and complete nudes wash me out , but this color looks smashing on the lips and it is one color I guarantee –


It is an amazing creamy nude for Indian skin tones , a boon for people with darker skin tones.

2. Lakme Enrich Satins – Number 134

The second one is a true blue berry color , and is much harder to pull off. It has Purple and Mauve Undertones almost mixing into the brown category.It looks very unusual on the lips , and might not look good on everyone.

If you have a cool complexion then go for berry lipsticks that have a magenta, mauve, pink or rose undertone. On the other hand, for warmer complexions, go for wine, burgundy, coral and red shades.

As for the the ‘Enrich Satins Range ‘


  • Very creamy , easy to apply.
  • Affordable ( Rs 200-250 ).
  • Wide variety of colors available. ( Over 70 Shades Available )
  • Very Pigmented.
  • Very easily available.


  • No Lasting power ( 2 to 3 hours max )
  • Transfers to surface easily.
  • Melts and Breaks fairly easily.
  • Might not interest people looking for matt finish lipsticks.



( From the left : Number 129 , Number 134 )

Nail paints :

The two nail paints , that fall into the berry tone category are :

1. Street Wear – ‘After Party ‘

A solid , berry type color which has more red in it than purple. On my nails it looks like borderline Maroon , yet can pass off as a berry.

2. Maybelline Color show – ‘Divine Wine’

An absolutely stunning wine color with silver glitter in it. Perfect for christmas. Looks very Glam on the nails.




Let me Get Straight to it :

 Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation 


  • Sturdy Packaging.
  • Easily available and affordable ( Rs.185 – 200 for 25ml )
  • Smooth texture , blends easily.
  • Light to medium coverage so can be used daily .
  • Nice shade selection for Indian skin – [ Shade 1:  For Fair Indian Complexion ,Shade 2:  For Fair to medium Complexion, Shade 4:  For Medium Complexion, Shade 5:  For Deep Complexion.]
  • Water based so it will not clog pores .
  • SPF 8 (something is better than nothing)
  • Good quantity for the price.
  • Gives a Matt Finish. ( Very good for people with oily skin )


  • Can be Very drying and flaky  for people with dry skins.
  • Melts in hot weather.
  • Easily Transfers  to whatever it comes in touch (collar,mobile etc).
  • I personally find the Spatula weird , to apply from.



Revlon Touch and Glow Moisturising Makeup


  • Affordable price ( Rs 200 – 215   for 20 ml )
  • Easily Available.
  • Water Based.
  • Light Texture.
  • Sheer Coverage ( For people who don’t like heavy coverage , this will work really well ).
  • Matt Finish ( Will Work Well for anyone who has oily skin ).
  • Blends Easily.


  • Misleading Shades (My Shade  is gold mist but has prominent pink tones which makes it misleading , and very wrong for my skin tone )
  • Herbal hair oil kinda of fragrance.
  • Breaks me Out ( May vary from person to person ,My skin did not react to it well ).
  • The shades available are too pink to suit indian skin tones.
  • Melts when you sweat / are exposed to heat ( Since it is water based ) and transfers.
  • If not blended well , will end up looking patchy easily.



Both these foundations are very similar , in terms of their properties , their price points , the coverages they offer , the finish they give. I Personally liked the Lakme one better because it suited my skin , and the shades available are much better than the Revlon ones ( especially for Indian skin tones ). Also the hair oil type smell , in the Revlon Touch and glow kind of puts me off.

If I had to pick one I would definitely pick the Lakme invisible Foundation.




I am not one to use a Gel eyeliner. I have always used liquid pen type eyeliner , I am very sloppy with the whole brush situation ( I have gotten much better at it though ) . I am so comfortable in my eyeliner habits that I was very hesitant , almost uninterested  to try this gel eyeliner.

BUUUUTTTT ….. wait for it….  ( Drumroll)


So , First things first.

You have to get used to the fact that this stuff is not going to apply like your usual liquid eyeliner , also that you are not instantly going to be good at using a brush. Practice  and patience will make perfect.

The texture might feel weird to apply at first but the results will make you think differently.

Pros :

1. Super super long wearing. Will not budge. ( Easily goes up to 18- 20  hrs of wear )

2. Very Pigmented ‘Pitch Black’, Dries to a matt finish.

3.Does not crease/smudge/crack.

4.Lasting shelf Life .

5. The brush that comes with it is actually useful , unlike the duffort applicators that come with cosmetics.


1. Takes time and practice to get used to.

2. Slightly Pricy ( Rs 375 – 475 )





Let me begin by explaining ,What ‘ Rimmel London ‘ is. Well , it is a drugstore/high street London-based makeup brand , which has now expanded itself to india. It is one of the most popular drugstore brands in the UK , and I came to know about this brand through the beauty bloggers I follow on youtube . I always wanted to try it and and was on the verge of ordering it online  , but before I could do so , I walked into Parcos nd found a Rimmel Counter . I was so excited I could not even contain myself.

So , like a true blue Makeup Hoarder I bought practically  the entire counter .

I have mixed feelings about this product , and also about posting sort of a negative review , about a brand that I love love love . But I am sure this mixed post about Rimmel is going to be followed by many many positive ones so I am going to get started :

Pros :

1. Rimmel is a pocket friendly brand , and this concealer stands at about 200-225 rs.

2. Small , Easy to carry.

3. Covers Blemishes well.

4. Good Staying Power.

Cons :

1. Very Dense , heavy application.

2. Not very blendable , surfaces on the skin , does not sink in.

3. Not Many Shades available .

4. Does not cover under eye circles well.

So it’s a 50-50 situation , and I am  on the other side of the fence on this , because the cons of this  product overtake the pros for me personally , but then its a matter of opinion and personal choice , it might work beautifully on someone else.

Potato , potato.






Talk about Disappointing Products and Body shop is not one of those brands that pops up . But Believe me when I say  this product was very disappointing , well at least for me it was.

Body shop is not a very cheap brand , and when u walk into it and buy something you do expect it to live up to the standard that it has created for itself. Don’t get me wrong , I love body shop , and i might try other things from the brazil nut range if i fancy some day , but that love is probably also the reason why I was super sad when this product did not work for me.

I have very frizzy , unruly hair and I always have to put some kind of serum or smoothner after my shower otherwise my hair becomes a hot mess , and so I was naturally attracted to it , off course because I read “Defines Curls” and “No frizz”( The flat 50 percent , might also have had something to do with it ) , anyways these are the following things that it didn’t do :

1. Sticky , cream like texture that is not very easy to massage into the hair .

2. Does not “Define” and “No Frizzes” anything . My hair was exactly the same , intact looked unwashed and greasy.

3. “Designed to protect from heat styling” apparently . I tried straightening my hair , and I ended up looking like the Grudge. Legit.

4. Makes hair look ashy.

5. Hair ends up smelling very musty , and weird.

6. Makes hair look very flat and lifeless. Hair looses volume.







NYX as a Brand is not very well-known in india as of now , and I came across it because of all the youtubers I follow .  I Had heard many rave reviews  about the NYX Butterglosses , and that was one of the things I told my parents to get from US , they along with the lip gloss also got for me this Diamond Sparkle lipstick , which when I first saw I got very scared of to be honest. Because the color was so dark and when I watched it on my hand , it was so flaky and glittery ( Not in a good way though ).

It is NOT one of those lipsticks which has very finely milled , glitter particles. This lipstick HAS Glitter Chunks and is not ashamed about it. it intact wants you to know it has ” Diamond Sparkle ” which maybe gold or silver.

Here is what I found out :

1. It is VERY GLITTERY. Not shiny. It has very obvious chunks of glitter that just sit on the lips and infant crumbles and scatters if you happen to touch it.

2. It is very Pigmented , which is good but it also means that it has overpowering glitter particles also.

3. It is Not very hydrating , lips start feeling very dry and rough ( Me thinks it is because of the glitter .)

4. For the Price ( Rs 400- 500 depending upon the site selling it ) There are far better options available.

5. Not many Light shades available , maximum colors are deep reds , maroons , plums and mauves .

6. Not very appropriate for everyday wear , could be good for stage makeup.





I came across this lipgloss by accident , I was going through my mom’s makeup and found this and decided to give it a go.

It is now a staple in my makeup bag.

However the one I have is the old Super Lustrous , Revlon came out with newer super lustrous glosses which has a different packaging and have different colours, but it is essentially the same product.This is no doubt a very good lip gloss and comes in various colour options ,  It is in the medium price range ( Rs 400 -450 ) I believe and as the name suggests is SUPER SHINY and has very obvious specs of glitter in it.  The one  that I use is in the colour ” Coffee Gleam ” . It  looks much more pigmented in the bottle than it is on the lips. You can clearly see the glitter in the tube as well as on the lips. This is the perfect brown nude lip gloss. So if you are someone who does not like shiny glosses , you will hate this gloss.  BUT if you love a nice sheen on the lips , with a hint  of colour you will absolutely love these glosses.


1. Hydrating , does not dry out the lips.

2. Non- sticky.

3.  Not overly saturated , Glitter shines through the colour.

4. Perfect for a Night out. SUPER SHINY.


1. Not very pigmented.

2. Maybe Too Shiny for some people.

In conclusion – This is a great product for people who do not like very opaque lip glosses which  ,  sometimes may look like you have put a lipstick. It does EXACTLY what the name suggests – Gives a very lustrous glossy , glittery shine. However people who do not like super shiny and glittery glosses should give these a miss.









True to its name, the ‘Chambor Trio Eye shadow’ comes in 3 shades that  play off each other to create one complete eye look .

This makes it very easy and less intimidating to apply eye makeup.  Each shade set has been created keeping in mind a specific colour combination which lets you experiment with various looks .

There are two kinds of trios in the market today – One which contains all “shimmer” Shades and the other with contains all “pearl” finish shades. The pearl finish ones are more apt for everyday wear as they are sophisticated and understated ,  and the shimmer ones are more apt for party/traditional indian wear. I decided to give the Glitter one a go , because  Shoppers stop ran out of the pearl finish trio that I wanted.

The one I decided to get was the –  Chambor Trio Eye Shadow Shade No.54 Rose Shimmer  ( Rs 595 )

The Pros :

  • The Packaging is Gorgeous , Ideal for Gifting Purposes.
  • The Shadows are Very Pigmented.
  • Finely Milled Glitter Particles.
  • Amazing staying power ( up to 8-10 hours on my eyes , without primer )
  • Wide range to choose from ( Colours and finishes )
  • Soft Texture.
  • Great Price for 3 Good Quality Shadows.

The Cons :

  • The Glitter Trios have a lot of Fallout ( The eyes have to be done before foundation/concealer and makes the pan messy )
  • Some shades are very Gritty and hard to blend.
  • Useless Applicator.
  • People with oily lids will have to use an eye primer before.






I am always on the lookout for new Kajal pencils , because I have a very oily lash line , and no Kajal stays on .

They always smudge , I always have loads of fall out and within a few hours of application , I end up looking like a raccoon.

I did have high expectations from this product and was very excited that it was for 200 Rs , But my excitement very soon turned into utter disappointment and anger.

1. It is a very soft Kajal , in the sense that it is easy to apply and has a smooth texture  but it has absolutely NO staying power ( Started Falling out , within 2 hours of application )

2. It smudges very easily , You can’t afford to touch it even by mistake.

3. It bleeds from the ends of the eye  ( especially under heat / Sunlight )

4. There are much better Kajal Pencils available for the price.

DSC_0621DSC_0623DSC_0626DSC_0627 2


If you are looking for a new Kajal pencil , give this one a miss.

However if you are on the lookout for a new kohl pencil , that smudges easily and can instantly give you a smokey eye with a matt finish, this product will work beautifully , For me personally it Didn’t.






Let me begin by saying – This mascara is PHENOMENAL .

Okay, now that I have that out-of-the-way , I shall begin the review.

Maybelline has come out with many different mascara formulas over the past few years but this is hands down the best.It has been a cult favorite mascara for various reasons :

1. It does exactly what it says – Makes the eyelashes look like false eyelashes , but in a good way. It makes them super voluminous .

2. Does not make the eyelashes clumpy , evenly separates and lengthens the lashes.

3. Falls in the Mid – Price Range category ( May retail between Rs 410 and Rs 475 , Depending upon the seller  , usually cheaper online at various sites)

4. Long Lasting , Does not dry out Quickly.

5. Very Black .High Pigmentation

6. Comfortable Wand ( Easy to get in the corners of the eyes to coat  tiny lashes )

Should You Buy it ? – YES. YES.YES




P.S – Couldn’t do an eye swatch , to demonstrate the amazingness of this mascara , because I ran out of it  just before writing this post 🙁