Merrrryyyy Chrisstmmaassssssss Everyone!

This year for this very exciting week here on StyleChutney I decided to go full-out and cliché and wear red and shine bright light a diamond on Christmas day 😛

I am Punjabi , so Christmas is not really on my ‘festivals I am excited about list’ but I am also a human being who loves eating desserts. And We all know how dessert shops can go crazy ( in a good way off course ) around this time of the year. And I am All about that Life. Haha Even if that means I will probably have to go get 100 root canals in the next 2 years.

If I had to pick my vice , it would be sequins.

And if I had choice I would wear sequins every single day 😛 and sparkle. Every Single Day.

This Outfit has a ‘I want to sparkle , but I don’t want to overdo it and blind everyone looking at me ‘ vibe to it ‘ 😛 and is me in a nutshell. I love plaid and I love sequins. Together you would think they will not work but they do! And sequins can get very overpowering at times , but with the shirt it looks very balanced. And it’s a different approach to sequins in my opinion. Because I wanted to do something other than putting sequins with a solid color top and I feel that red Plaid is very festive!

Minor Note – These Pants will scratch you. And Give you a rash.

I don’t know why , I don’t know how. All I know is that my hands have faced this tragedy time and again. But that somehow does not stop me from wearing them 😛



IMG_8674-min IMG_8685-min IMG_8721-min IMG_8723-min

Shirt – Forever 21 

Pants –  Noble Faith @ Myntra

Shoes – Steve madden