Little Black Dress ? What.

“ Should I really be trusting a Little Black Dress that leaves glitter trails behind?”

All that Glitters…Leaves Glitter. !?

No but for real , Lipsy London has taken the quote “Leave Sparkles everywhere you go” very seriously. What I am trying to say here is that :

My dress sheds Glitter.

My Little Black Dress Sheds Glitter

(When I sit , when I walk , when I by mistake touch it , when I touch my hair , Basically every time I try to live my life by using my human motor skills)

And might I Add that it came with a legit warning tag that said that it would do so.

And now that I have sort of finished my rant about that lets move on.

I was on the hunt for a new Little Black Dress when I came across this dress on Koovs , and what was the best part about this dress was that it was for 1500 Rs on sale , when its original price is actually 5000. Rs. ( Cha Ching ! )

I would have never bought it for that price 😛 Ever.

And just think about it, a Dress that costs 5000 sheds glitter ?

Ummmm. Hello. WHY.

The cut, the fit , the color ( Which is more dark grey than black ) , The Fabric all are great but…. .the Glitter.

*The Glitter ( Refer to the paragraph above to understand the frustration I have going on here 😛 )

Everything Else in this outfit is as simple as it can be. The black shoes , and no accessories (because Glitter 😛 ) . This is what I like to call , The Drunk little Black dress 😛 The dress looks amazing in the photos and even in person but the shedding glitter is a huge minus that I am not being able to ignore.

*If you have made it to this part of the post , I would like to thank you for your patience, and I would like to apologize for over saturating your reading time with the use of the GLITTER 😛 I hope it annoys you as much as it annoyed me , Haha 😛

K bye.



Dress : Lips London at Koovs. com ( Which I am sure you are super interested in after reading the Post 😛 )


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Shoes : Steve Madden

Photography : Ashish Photography

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  1. Hellooo there. Chutney is back 😀 louu the fit of the dress but srsly, wtf with the glitter :/ did you email them?
    P.S. the Maddens!! 😀


      Oh yes Chutney is back 😀 Ya man The glitter was falling everywhere , like i looked like a disco ball by the end of the shoot 😛

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