I am sure everyone already knows about The Little Door a.k.a TLD , and for anyone who does not know It is a very famous lounge in Mumbai , which is now open in Pune Also.

TLD is a place I would love to go on the weekdays because It would be empty 😛 and I could for once see everything properly , have food peacefully without any background Noise , Drink and actually be able to clearly hear what the person sitting next to me is saying 😛

It has a great ambience and the concept of it being a ‘Little Door’ is very cute.  Because Pune has a lot more space than Bombay , this one is twice the size of the one in Bombay Which is an amazing advantage because at least you don’t feel like you are the ‘Jack’ in the ‘Box’ 😛

It is Slightly on the pricey side in my opinion and being very honest , food wise , this one in Pune was very underwhelming. I much preferred the food in Bombay but then maybe it was luck.

Anyways Here is Some of what we ordered :

-The Nachos – *Straightface* Were made of Doritos. Enough Said.

-The Chicken Skewers – Very Nice, Less Quantity Though.

-The Cottage Cheese Steak – Ok. Average. Nothing Great.

– A Mojito – Which was Bitter. ( The Most Basic Cocktail off all time was bitter. )

– A Few other things that were as disappointing as the ones mentioned above.

Overall  – My experience was not that great , But if yours is better do let me know 😀 That being said, I would anyway prefer this one to the one in Bombay.

2.5 on 5.


Nachos @ TLD


The Chicken Skewars


The Cottage Cheese Steak Type Thing.